Kitchen Design

Stunning Rustic Farmhouse Kitchens

Bring the rustic, pastoral charm of the farm to your kitchen with these decorating tips. Compared to every other room in the house, the kitchen is arguably the most popular place to gather with friends and family. And these days, rustic farm kitchens are even more irresistible.

But how are you going to add this coveted style to your existing space? Fortunately, the country kitchen concept is very malleable – it can be clean and minimalist, retro and colorful or elegant and traditional. You decide how the project should be. To give you a little boost, allow these wonderful examples to whet your appetite to create a practical and beautiful kitchen with rustic inspiration:

Characteristics of classic country cuisine

There are plenty of affordable country items in this rustic kitchen from Sarah Joy, a home decor blogger. A porcelain front sink is a country kitchen must-have. The curtain-covered cabinet is another typical farmhouse item. The white beadboard backsplash is a rural and less expensive alternative to white subway-style tiles.

If you prefer thicker wooden planks, consider using a shiplap. Another fantastic trick worth stealing is to use an old outside door to hide the pantry. Note the white walls: Sarah has chosen a warm tone that perfectly matches the countertop and hardwood floor.

1. Polished and colorful country kitchen

Bright, bold colors appear in this country kitchen by California-based interior designer Alison Kandler. A vintage screen door from an old farmhouse welcomes you in mustard yellow.

Two-tone cabinets and white walls draw eyes around the room, making the kitchen feel larger and airy. Vintage details , including a metal fruit basket and orange shutter, highlight the modernity of the white quartz countertops.

2. Colorful and eclectic country cuisine

A kitchen island covered with reclaimed wood, rough ceiling beams and lots of colorful accents give this apartment kitchen from London’s Avocado Sweets Interior Design a country charm.

Another great feature that deserves to be highlighted is the resistant concrete floor, which can work in all types of spaces, from rustic to modern.

3. Vintage-inspired country house kitchen

Several affordable upgrades from Alys Design of Pittsboro give this white kitchen a country flair. The white cabinets with black hardware are original to the house – they’ve been updated to give the kitchen space an inhabited look that’s both rustic and laid-back.

A vibrant shade of red ensures an added country flare. Here, a vintage red apple plate, a flea market find, personalizes the space. The wooden shelves recovered provide practical storage while they are in tune with the modern style farmhouse.

4. Elegant country house kitchen

Two-tone cabinets are the foundation of this country kitchen made by the UK office Baker and Baker. Wood base cabinets bring a country house feel without being overly rustic.

Above a backsplash of tiles style subway tiles and wood cabinets add a touch of exquisite modern home farm. Every home chef appreciates a large sink. Here, a porcelain farmhouse sink adds beautiful function. The space’s finishing touch is the vintage-inspired cast iron oven.

5. Country kitchen with painted floor

Alison Kandler Design office combines white features with colorful accents to spice up this rural-inspired kitchen.

A modern kitchen island in a barn-red farmhouse sets the pastoral tone. Instead of tearing down the old wooden floor of the house, it was given a vibrant, welcoming new look with paint.

Cute touches such as an oven hood and cabinets complete the look of a country cottage kitchen. Another cool tip to consider is swapping stainless steel appliances for colored options in shades inspired by nature, such as the blue on the stove.

6. Farm vintage pendant lights

There are many surefire country ingredients in this custom kitchen designed by Crownpoint of New Hampshire. First, let’s talk about lighting – three pendant lights illuminate the space. Then there’s a three-inch-thick maple that makes the kitchen island.

It’s a homey touch that adds more visual warmth than a stone countertop, for example. A collection of wire egg baskets adds to the old-time style that personalizes the space.