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Simple and Attractive Decor Ideas for Your Home

Simple decorating tips and inspirations

Who doesn’t want to have a simple, beautiful and well-decorated house, right? But it is not always possible to combine all our desires with our pocket, however, it is possible to invest in a cheap and simple decoration capable of redesigning the home environments and leaving the rooms more beautiful, welcoming and well decorated.

But it is also important to remember that the personal taste of each one and the expected style of decoration is very important when it comes to simple decoration for the home, as this is what will contribute to a home full of personality and very comfortable for the whole family.

And with all that in mind, today we have separated several simple decor models to help you decorate your home without having to make major renovations or spend a lot of money.

Simple decorating tips and inspirations


With just a few changes in the decoration of simple houses, it is now possible to bring much more comfort, beauty and a new face to decorate spaces. Decorative objects, new detail in the coverings, a renovation of old furniture, simple decoration ideas are diverse and we’ll introduce you next.

Pictures and Frames


Frames and picture frames are great decorative objects to bring a touch of personality to spaces without having to move elements or even spend a lot of money.

You should choose the frames based on the style of the room with simple, decorative and also with attention to size so as not to cause an imbalance in the decoration. Another tip is to make a photo mural with the picture frames on the wall, a really cool idea for simple decoration in the hallway.



Another easy way to add more stylish decor to your home is by using beautiful decorative pillows. This is commonly a simple room decorating idea, but of course it can also work as a simple room decor and even for a balcony.

Here you can choose either identical pillows for your simple living room decoration or even invest in harmonizing with different models of decorative pillows for your simple decoration. The rule, as you can already imagine, is to follow the style standard of your space so that the environments are harmonious and comfortable.

Color dots


Bringing color dots to your rooms is a really cool way to bring more life and personality to your simple decor.

These dots of color can be inserted into environments in different ways, such as pillows, blankets, furniture, paintings and even a tile adhesive to enhance your simple kitchen decor.

Leaked furniture


Many people have doubts about how making a simple decoration to enhance small spaces, and an excellent tip is to choose to use hollow furniture, especially if we are talking about integrating environments.

The decoration of a simple small room with a hollow bookcase, or a ladder bookcase, for example, will ensure that air circulation is maintained and will not create barriers for its natural and artificial lighting, thus ensuring a feeling of spaciousness and more airy spaces and well lit.

Invest in wallpaper


The wallpaper also guarantees a simple decoration that is very easy to make. And the coolest thing is that on the market, you can find wallpaper in different models, colors and prints and with its help you can transform the decoration of simple houses.

In simple baby room decor, for example, it is valid to opt for models of delicate and playful wallpaper, such as those with animal or cloud prints, while in simple double room decor it is interesting to opt for models with prints classics such as the arabesque to bring a touch of refinement to the space, while for a gourmet area such as a living room integrated with a dining room, a very interesting choice of simple room decoration is to invest in brick wallpaper that will bring more welcome to that space.

Use plants


There are several types of flowers and ornamental plants that you can use for a simple and very charming decoration in your environment, besides, if you want, you can also use some artificial flower arrangements along with the natural flowers to make the decoration even more simple. Complete and beautiful.

The tip here is to invest in beautiful cachepots that will make your plants get even more attention in simple decoration, and the coolest thing is that potted plants can be used from simple living room decoration, through bedrooms, home office and even even as simple bathroom decor.

Simple kitchen decor


The time when the kitchen was only intended for preparing meals has passed, nowadays we use this environment to receive friends, family and get together, which is why simple kitchen decor is something so important.

In simple kitchen decor, it is interesting to invest in light colors such as white, beige and pastels and also use shelves, hooks and niches to hang prettier pots and utensils, as this is a type of simple decoration that is super charming kitchens, especially if we are talking about houses with industrial or even rustic style kitchens.

Another simple decoration you can make in the kitchen is with tile stickers. The simple decor for the kitchen will be very charming and with a new look, spending very little and without having to do any renovations, besides, if you have a very clean kitchen like a white kitchen, for example, the tile stickers help to bring points of color to the decorated space.

Simple Room Decor


There is a multitude of ways to make room decor simple, as you can use paintings, different bedding, lamps and even a simple bedroom rug can help bring more beauty and personality to this environment.


But it is worth remembering that to make the decoration of a simple room it is important to bring your personality traits to the environment, so think about details that have to do with you when composing this environment. Such as, for example, paintings with illustrations of pop culture, potted plants, or even shelves with a collection.

Remembering also that for the decoration of a simple room it is necessary to think about the organization of this environment, therefore, invest in furniture that, in addition to bringing beauty to the environment, also offers practicality and storage space such as a puff chest, niches and shelves, among others.

However, we have to remember that there are different types of rooms and of course this has to be taken into account when designing the decoration. Simple baby room decor, for example, should feature elements from the children’s universe, such as a simple baby room decor with playful wallpaper, niches with stuffed animals or even a simple baby room decor all in shades pastels to bring a feeling of warmth and tranquility to the environment.

Meanwhile, when we talk about simple double bedroom decor, we must remember that the couple needs to come to a consensus on the style of the environment, as it can be a simple and rustic double bedroom decor, simple with modern details, simple and minimalist and so on.

Simple living room decor


The living room is one of the main environments in the house, so it is common for everyone to worry a lot about decorating this space. The simple room decoration should always be designed to transform the environment and make it comfortable and cozy so that residents can spend hours there relaxing while watching TV or receiving visitors at home.

Therefore, for a simple room decoration, it is worth investing in sofa cushion sets that will ensure more comfort to the environment, in addition, a colorful rug or perhaps a neutral good but with a pleasant touch and a beautiful curtain is also indispensable for this environment.

Another very important tip regarding simple small room decoration is in the matter of the colors chosen for that space. The most suitable for the decoration of a simple small room is to opt for a light color chart that will help to convey the feeling of a bigger room, but in addition, in the decoration of a simple small room you can also invest in a good lighting project and avoid excess furniture and decorative objects so that the circulation space is free, ensuring more convenience for residents.

Simple Bathroom Decor


Many people find it difficult to do simple bathroom decoration, because generally the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, however, knowing how to use the correct decoration techniques you can enjoy this environment well and make it comfortable.

Here, the light colors also gain space in the simple bathroom decoration, because as you know, they help to convey the feeling of a bigger environment, but if you want to bring personality to the simple and clean bathroom decoration, it is worth choosing a type of bathroom. Different coating only in the box area or even use a colored insert strip that cuts through the entire environment.

Also, remember to use some decorative objects that will bring a special charm to this space, such as small potted plants, decorative frames, soap kit, organizer baskets, among others.

Simplicity Home Decoration


As you have seen, it is not always necessary to invest a lot for the decoration of simple houses to be beautiful and harmonious. Objects such as pillows, picture frames, wallpaper or even a simple plant can guarantee a decoration of simple and very charming houses.

A very nice idea for decorating simple houses is to paint the furniture. It is a simple and inexpensive way of decorating that guarantees a new look to the environment without having to spend a lot and that you can do yourself if you like DIY techniques.