Christmas Decorations

Simple and Affordable Christmas Decor Tips

Simple and Cheap Christmas Decoration 1

Christmas is a wonderful time that brings with it a magical moment, after all, there is nothing better than being with the family, receiving the people we love most in our home. Speaking of Christmas and also getting married, this time of year is the time to decorate all the spaces in our house, but as we know, Christmas decorations are quite expensive and that’s what we’re going to talk about. For those looking for simple and cheap Christmas decoration options, we’ll give you some tips that will make your environment even more beautiful to welcome the family at this special time of year.

DIY – Christmas Decoration

For those who want to innovate in Christmas decoration, without spending too much or using only the objects you have at home, you can follow the tips that we brought below. They are simple things to assemble and that will make your environment even more beautiful for Christmas.

1. Bonbonnieres 


How about starting by decorating some bonbonnieres you probably have at home? Select some Christmas objects to place inside these bonbonnieres as we see in the image. They can be placed on the bookshelf or in any other corner of the house you wish to place them in.

2. Tree Balls


 You can decorate your window, you know those Christmas tree balls? Hang different strings on them and place them in the window as we see in the image.

3. Christmas Baubles


If you have a fireplace in your home, you can decorate it with Christmas baubles as we see in the picture. Stick them together with the help of string and decorate your fireplace.

4. Bottle vases

4 1


Bottle vases are also great for decorating your home for Christmas. Reuse wine or beer bottles and glue string around them. Take some twigs and stick cherries or berries on the ends, which is also beautiful.

5. Candle and Cinnamon sticks


This tip is very simple and looks great to decorate the table. Place a rubber band around the candle and attach some cinnamon sticks, then wrap a string to hide the elastic and a satin ribbon.

6. Plastic twigs and glass


How about making your own tropical snow globe? You can assemble using those little plastic twigs and glass and decorate with glitter and whatever else you want.

7. Cake Stand


A cake stand is also beautiful if decorated with some Christmas tree balls. It’s a different decoration and very easy to make.

8. Glass Jars 



Filling glass jars with colourful Christmas baubles are also a way to decorate your room for Christmas.

9. Wine Glass


Wine glasses are also perfect for use as candle holders and centrepieces. You can use any object.

10. Cups


The cups can also be used as candle holders filled with coloured marbles.