Kitchen Design

Remarkable Small Island Kitchen With Dining Area

Our kitchen should always be a particularly practical place. It is in this place that we have to cook for everyone, so we must not only have a good activity space, but also practical furniture, and sometimes even multifunctional furniture. The kitchen has an island area, usually on the most spacious and open kitchen provides more work and storage space. However, since they have a dining area, they are also kitchens where you can eat, so they are ideal for large families who need practical and functional space, such as an area where you can eat breakfast or fast food.

Choose an island with a built-in dining area

Preparing an island for the kitchen is a good decision because it completely changes the space and function. This is why choosing an island with an integrated restaurant is a good idea, because we will make the most of the space, but for this, certain conditions must be met.

For example, the kitchen must be very spacious because the island must be located in the center or one side of the room. Even so, it can not be done in small or narrow kitchen, because we must have a good mobile space, and set up a place to eat on the island region. However, if we usually eat in the kitchen or see that there is no separate dining room in the living room, then we can always use the island for this purpose.

Lengthen the island to create a restaurant

If you want to use the island as a restaurant, it may be that if it is only designed for work, it may be too narrow for everything. On many islands, areas such as laundry rooms or stoves are also integrated, which use the dining area away from the space. That’s why you have to lengthen area of the island. As a result, some doomed to eat. From the beginning, the space must be measured to understand the types of islands we can include and whether it can be eaten wide enough, which is crucial.

There is a dining area with benches on the island

This is a more practical solution for some, they take up more space. On the island, we also have a dining room with benches. This way we can save the dining area, but we must leave a larger space in the center of the kitchen. This is very practical because we don’t need to spend too much time setting up and collecting tables, and it also provides us with more storage space. This is an unusual idea, and we can hardly see a kitchen with such a large island bench. This is great to let the family get-together in the kitchen, especially in the situation you have children, because it allows you to more easily interact.

There is a dining area and chairs on the island

In this area of the island, we can also have a bar is an extension of the island, which will provide us with breakfast and other snacks. Obviously, this is not like preparing a dining room with a large table for the whole family, but it does serve us at certain moments. This idea if the family is not very big, we just want to use the dining area or in rare cases, it would be a perfect choice. It is more practical to have this space for breakfast or snacks. Therefore, we don’t have to prepare a table every time we have something, but we have this space. In these islands, they added some beautiful chairs, but according to the height of the island, higher chairs must be added.

Island with stools

The idea of ​​this dining island is very practical. If you do not need to have a big chair take up a lot of space, you also have the most modern ideas stool. These stools are the most mysterious thing in this type of island, and there are many styles and designs, from classic wood to other metals in industrial or design styles. The island has a wide variety of stools is one of our most often see solutions. These stools are used because they are tall and practical. Many of them can even adjust the height. They cannot simply replace the dining room, because they are not suitable for long meals, but do their best to create a space for eating or breakfast.

There are tables on the island

If your kitchen is relatively long, then another ideal choice is to put an island with a table next to it, and then expand the island. Also some islands expand even more to one side to create a space only as a table. It is only possible if your kitchen is really very spacious, which is a necessary condition for adding an island. In this case, you will have a dining area left in the kitchen, which is why it is very suitable for an open kitchen and facing the living room, because in this way everything is in the same place. In this way, we don’t need to add another dining table or another space.

Fully open kitchen

If we want to add these islands with a dining area to the kitchen, then one of the best ideas is to make it completely open. This now open concept requires a lot of time because it allows us to interact more with other family members, but also allows us to make better use of space, so as in the open kitchen can be seen. They have direct access to the living room, but there are also some people from the open kitchen to another dining area, which is only used when the family is together. If you don’t have the concept of opening the kitchen, you may need to use other ideas or a much smaller island. But this idea of ​​an island with a dining room is usually used for open spaces in the living room.

Choose your island style

Another thing we must consider is not only function or space, but also style. Island in the Middle Current kitchens are usually modern, but there are many interesting ideas. When we add some chairs or stools, this will add a certain style to the island with simple lines, so we have to choose them very carefully. We have many ideas, such as Nordic style stools, simple shapes and light-colored wood. Industrial-style materials have materials such as metals and dark colors such as black. But you can also choose antiques on wood or other more modern stools with original shapes. They are a very important part of giving the island’s character, so we must choose them carefully.