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Post-pandemic Home Bar Trend in Brazilian Homes

Do you know how to set up a home bar? Architect Arthur Guimarães gives tips on how to assemble and talks a little about this post-pandemic trend. Many trends emerged during the coronavirus pandemic, in which people had to develop a greater sensitivity and connection to their homes. Some habits needed to be rethought, such as having a drink after work at a nearby bar. It was in this context that the home bar emerged.

Creating a space for drinks at home became popular with Brazilians – who gave their famous “knack” not to give up enjoying their favorite drinks even at home. According to the architect Arthur Guimarães “the impossibility of going to places destined for consumption and social interaction, made people create alternatives in their homes. Over time, these spaces gained more and more prominence in the compositions”.

What is home bar?

The home bar is a space inside the home for the consumption of different drinks directly from the comfort of your resting place. The idea is to bring the maximum experience of a bar to a more intimate space, and that, besides, is still the face of the resident.

From a small cart to accommodate drinks to a more elaborate bar with seating space with more sophisticated options for storing alcoholics, it can be considered a home bar . According to Guimarães, “the space for creation depends a lot on the habit of consumption of the residents. For the less avid ones, an exceptional tray can already compose the bar”. Below, check out 5 tips we’ve selected on how to build a stylish home bar for your home!

1- Choose a social area

The home bar is usually located in a space of greater relaxation for the resident, and for this reason, the living room, a balcony or the dining room are usually the most common places to receive the structure. In addition to being environments for moments of greater relaxation, they are also perfect for calling friends and experiencing the experience.

2- Invest in a winery

If you are a lover of good drinks, a smart idea that is worth the investment is to buy a wine cellar. They are perfect for leaving drinks at the ideal temperature, they are economical and yet super beautiful to compose a decor.

3- Bet on carts or bars

Betting on a cart is a smart way to accommodate drinks. There are several options available for sale (and at affordable prices) that fit well into any corner of your home and still guarantee a very special charm. Another idea that goes along the same lines is to bet on smart joinery items or multipurpose furniture, such as a rack that has entrances for bottles or a space for a cellar.

4- Lighting beyond aesthetics

Good lighting when we talk about a bar at home goes far beyond its aesthetic potential. Of course, thinking about the beauty of the place is important, but depending on the light used, this can interfere with the chemical composition of the drinks that will be stored.

“The composition of the bottles must be thought of in a harmonious way and it is essential to consider whether or not the drinks need air conditioning to preserve their original characteristics”, warns Guimarães.

5- Leave cups and glasses close together

Practicality is allied to comfort, and for this reason, leaving the most important items in your home bar close by is essential. In addition to the glasses and glasses (which can be accommodated on the cart or on shelves at the top), it is important to leave other items: corkscrew, cocktail shakers, cutlery, among others.

Remember: a home bar is a complete space, and because of that, it needs all the items – or at least the main ones – to be easily accessible.