Plastwood Sheet and Its Known Applications

What is a plastwood sheet? This is an alternative form of durable wood intended for building construction. It is made up of about eighty-percent PVC & additives. Its extruded material is smoothly plain. It is also workable with utilizing the standardized woodworking equipment.

Moreover, it is classified to be a fire retardant of UL 94. Its density level falls at a range of 0.55 to 0.65 g/cm3. It comes with very low water absorption of ISO 2896. It is resistant to insects making it one-of-a-kind.

As per its mechanical properties, it includes its tensile strength of about ten to fifteen N/mm 2; impact strength that is greater than 18kilojoules/m2; flexural strength of 15 to 30 N/mm2. It is cut in varying lengths & various profiles. It somehow depends upon the die creating the sizes and the shapes.

Plastwood sheet is indeed becoming a more integrated solution to find on the market today. This is consorted considering almost every architectural style. This modernized solution is great in terms of installation and materials. It is easy to install, resistant, and highly resistant to corrosion.

Usually, it is coated with both the zinc and powder thereby resulting in durability and zero maintenance costs. It is indeed considered a replacement to wood. It is made up of high-quality and plastic features. It is also just superior to real wood for being heat-resistant, waterproof, and silent. It’s strong, lightweight, and durable. It does not swell and it does not rot.

Moreover, the insect, mold, and termite does not bite into it. It is a plain and brand plastwood sheet that you will use the most. This is especially if you outsource it from the Thai plastwood sheet manufacturer. It is now up to you to apply it for internal and external uses. Bent it and curl it when needed. But then, it cannot be recovered with the use of high heat. Stencil or drill it beautifully as you want it. It is easy when used along with carpentry tools.

Its Outstanding Features

The plastwood sheet is also recognized more for its outstanding features that are as follow:

  • Eliminate moths, termites, beetles, and fungi
  • Resist corrosion, humidity, and more.
  • Resist chemicals
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Avoid resonance
  • Colors are painted or printed on the plastwood sheets
  • Useful with all carpentry tool types
  • Is not burning
  • Can be Bent into different shapes of heat
  • Is Hard
  • Is UV-resistant
  • Is Eco-friendly
  • Is Resistant to Acoustic
  • Is Resistant to Scratch
  • Is Colorfast
  • Is Water-resistant
  • Smooth polishing of the surface
  • Easy and Convenient to Use
  • Easy to process
  • Elegant sub-light surface and vision
  • Fireproof and flame-retardant
  • Highly-rigid, lightweight, & more
  • Thick, 2 to 25 millimeters
  • No sopping and no deformation
  • Consistent in cell structure and density beginning in the surface and the core
  • Excellent and impact resistant

Its Known Applications

The good thing about the plastwood sheet is its known applications that are as follow:

  • Exhibition board
  • Sign board
  • Advertising Printing
  • Making of Furniture
  • Engraving Board
  • Outside the wallboards of building
  • Inside the wallboards for decorations
  • Ceiling Boards
  • Interior Decoration Boards for Ship and Car
  • Architectural interiors
  • Architectural exteriors
  • Signage
  • Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Photo mounting
  • Interior Design
  • Signs & displays
  • Thermoforming
  • Prototypes
  • Model making
  • Exhibit booths

Indeed, the plastwood sheet is a more ideal and more practical option to add some class and style to your DIY project. This plastic sheeting is just so available today. This is a good replacement for all material types and glass types. This makes way for perfect home do-it-yourself & improvement!

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