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Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Patios

Nothing is better than a patio to sit and relax after a day of hard work or have fun with friends during a party. But as long as the evening arrives, it’s vital to choose the right outdoor lighting and put them into action to ensure the comfort and usability of your outdoor spaces. Along with lighting, the most important things to have perfect patios and for that you have to use kind of concrete which look beautiful. Sioux Falls Concrete Contractor is expert for making beautiful and perfect patios.

Below are some top-rated outdoor lighting ideas for patios that you might be pleasantly surprised by how easy to install and affordable it can be.

Solar Lights

From private to pontoons patios, you can illuminate it even without a power source by taking advantage of a solar lighting system. This option is the best choice for warmer climates or summer seasons.

Even though it’s still new, many patios owners love choosing this lighting type for its superior eco-friendliness and lower maintenance. But you need to know that the initial cost would be high compared to other lightings. In turns, for the long run, this is a good investment.

There’re many ways to light up your specific patios, such as plumping for them with a timer function, teaming with lanterns at floor level or lining paths with festoons.

As mentioned, this lighting type is still not popular, you need to shop them with care.

Find further information via this ultimate buying guide of the best solar landscape lights.

Light Canopies

This type of patios lighting is ideal for outdoor parties.

If you want the multi-colored bulbs to fill your skies and go through the theme of your outdoor entertaining space, spanning some strings of sparkling lights isn’t a bad idea at all.

For people who want to add fun to their patios without flattening the wallet, fairy lights are a good consideration, especially for larger distances. Plus, such this style of lighting is lightweight enough to avoid straining down the objects that they are hung on.

Sometimes, some Chinese lanterns will make it perfect for a romantic night dating of couples.

Light canopies also have a format of big bulb festoon lights that give a nice old-school feel if that’s what you’re looking for.

Entertaining Alfresco

Entertaining Alfresco is a nice choice recreating an inviting and comfortable patio at night. It’s the most prefered for a Mediterranean patio or a sunny pool-house.

No matter the size of your outdoor space, you can turn it into a cozy, romantic entertaining place by layering different styles of Alfresco lights. Our favorite go-to is the combo of candles, fairy lights, and lanterns wrapping around the trees and festoons. For sure, they give a fabulous feeling.

The best thing about this lighting style is it allows you to flexibly use on different seasons, not just in the summer months.

LED Furniture

If this is the very first time you’ve heard about outdoor LED furniture, it’s really worth a try.

I’ve already mentioned various benefits of using LED lights instead of halogen or incandescent in the previous article. The most notable is its elimination of heat sources to deliver better safety for multiple uses.

For outdoor lighting, you should only remember to choose the waterproof models. Choosing the furniture that you want to take points for your outdoor parties and lit the lights from inside. We can assure you that they can be quite spectacular.

Umbrella lights

If your patio is along with a decking area, decorating and illuminating it with some umbrella lights seem a nice idea, especially during the parties.

The best thing about this method is its versatility that you can use anywhere with the same great effect. There’re many beautiful designs to choose from and they are bright enough to light up a needed area.

Simple to set up, affordable, and attractive are what we can describe this lighting style.


Lighting your outdoor patio isn’t just about practical purposes of illumination but they also should be considered in terms of safety and aesthetics. Good weather is just around the corner and I hope that the 5 ideas above have been helpful to you. Thanks for reading!