New Boiler Cost

It’s not until you become a homeowner that you realise how reliant you are on your boiler and central heating system all year round. If this breaks down then you have no hot water or heating until it’s fixed. If your boiler breaks, the first thought usually is how much does a new boiler cost.

New boiler costs

If you have never bought a new boiler before, there is a good chance you won’t know exactly how much a new boiler will cost you. The boiler itself is only part of the actual cost. One of the other main costs is the price of boiler installation. You may have heard of Worcester Bosch Greenstar boilers, but there are others available.

What costs are involved in new boiler installation?

Here is a shortlist of the things that you will be paying for in the total sum of your boiler installation. There are many things to consider and we will cover them in this guide. If you are ever unsure about anything, always check with your local heating expert who can help.

The boiler – comparing boilers such as Worcester Bosch

The boiler unit itself is a large cost towards your boiler replacement. Boiler costs between £500 and £2,000 depending on the make and model you choose. A budget boiler such as an Alpha E-Tec 28kw costs £550 whereas a Viessmann Vitodens 111-w costs over £1,500 without installation. There are also three main types of boilers to choose from too. An average boiler such as the Worcester 4000 is around £850

Different types of boilers costs

The 3 main types of domestic boilers are the combi boiler, system boilers and regular boilers. Combi boilers are great for small to medium homes, whereas system boilers and regular boilers are great for medium to large homes with high hot water demand. A combi boiler heats your central heating and hot water from one single unit. The other two types both have hot water storage tanks where hot water is stored ready to be used by you.

Installation and labour costs

The other main cost involved in boiler replacement is the labour costs of the heating engineer. These can vary from job to job and depend totally on the amount of work involved. The easiest, quickest and cheapest type of installation is direct like for like swap, for example swapping a combi boiler for a combi boiler and keeping it in the same place.

Moving a boiler

If you want to keep the same type of boiler but move the boiler to another location then this will be an extra cost. Expect to pay between £400 and £1,000 to move a boiler. The further away from the current location of the boiler, the higher the labour costs will be. Even if you are moving a boiler in the same room there will be extra costs involved.

Changing boiler type (conversions)

If you want to change your boiler type, which you are perfectly entitled to do if you think it will benefit you, then this will be an extra cost as there will be lots of pipework changing around. One of the most common conversions is a system boiler to combi boiler conversion. This is to get rid of the hot water cylinder which is usually taking up lots of space in a cupboard upstairs. Expect to pay between £600 and £1,200 for boiler conversion.

Change boiler type and move a boiler

If you want to change your boiler type and move your boiler, you basically need to add both the above costs together. So if you take the lower costs you are looking at at least £1,000 in labour costs.

Boiler flue and pipework costs

All gas boilers have a flue which is like the exhaust on a car. These are separate from the boiler and go through the wall or through the roof. The flue costs between £50 and £200.


If you get a new boiler you need to be able to control your heating in your home. If you have a new boiler you usually get a new thermostat. Most new boilers come with a free thermostat but you can upgrade to a smart thermostat if you like.

Total boiler costs

All in all, when added together a boiler installation will cost between £1,500 and £3,000. Always make sure that you shop around and get plenty of quotes for your new boiler replacement. We hope this article has helped you find out how much a new boiler will cost you.