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Neoteric Ideas to Decorate in Provencal Style

The name “Provençal” comes from Provence, a region in southern France considered to be inland. The decoration in this style is a mixture of rustic and sophisticated, sublime and peasant and, nowadays, it has become a trend among lovers of French culture, and of course, of decoration. The Provençal style is marked by the use of time-worn wooden furniture, pastel tones and the concept of “less is more”. Did you like it? Feel inspired to decorate with this style? So here we go!

Turning new furniture into worn ones

The Provencal beauty in the decoration is in the worn furniture. The aged appearance status gained fame and became synonymous with elegance. However, if you want to include this style in your home decor but the furniture still remains as new, transform it. Like? All you need to do is introduce the Provençal style through painting to age the furniture. Make the wood look worn or the paint aged. This is the true characteristic of Provencal.

Pale and soft tones

The traditional Provencal decoration has as predominant colors pale and soft tones, as well as neutrals and pastels. However, it is always possible to customize the environment with the combination of more striking colors, for example, introducing some points of interest or spreading more vibrant tones in some details of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, entrance hall… modernize the style Provençal is not only possible, it can be excellent.

From the French countryside into the home

The presence of lavender in Provençal decoration is essential! Incorporate the beauty of the French countryside through the surroundings of the house. Display the lavender in decorative pots that also look worn out. If the vase is new and has no flaws, lightly rub the end with a construction sandpaper, so you have a worn-out paint job and a vase in the most perfect Provençal style.

Originally Provencal walls

The Provençal decoration is sophisticated and rustic, so remember that the walls also deserve attention and cannot be without these characteristics. The simplest technique for following the style is to keep a palette of a few colors, two or three, however, with the freedom to vary the shades. Try inserting wallpaper, mirrors as a decorative element, old framed pictures and vintage filter photos to give the walls an original Provencal look.

Delicacy in details

It’s no secret that applying delicacy down to the smallest details is the big secret to having a genuine home decor. When it comes to the Provençal style, the antique paintings, chandeliers and lamps, patterned curtains and retro decorative elements give the spaces of the house an authentic Provençal delicacy!

Peasant room

The Provencal decor in the ladies’ rooms makes any woman feel like a pretty peasant. To create this feeling, have a dressing table and a very elegant wardrobe in the bedroom, both are characteristic furniture of the Provençal style and add charm and fragility to the environment. Prefer to have a rug in pink or cream on the floor and use rustic curtains on the walls.

Country and rustic

The particularities of the countryside are perfect to make the Provencal decor even more cozy. Spread rustic-style decorative elements around the house, such as old hats and clocks on the walls, flowers in vases or worn cages, vintage lampshades… Darker wooden beams and flowers outside the house also contribute to a Provençal decor truer and more charming.

Less is more

The Provencal decor is discreet and charming. To predominate the Provençal style in the house’s environments it is not necessary to invest much, after all, spreading charm and romanticism through the rooms has never been so easy. Remember that all it takes is a wooden floor, white decor, a comfortable armchair and worn-out furniture to have a Provençal style forever.