Kids Room Design

Modern Children’s Room Decor Ideas for You

As there are so many options for decoration today, we often find ourselves lost in the midst of so much variety. There are countless alternatives for lighting fixtures, paintings, furniture and colors, and it is necessary to have common sense when choosing.

For the children’s room, it’s no different. If in the past there was little more than blue and pink and cartoon themes, today we have a huge color palette, wall textures, lighting fixtures and various objects.

Colorful Furniture

It is possible to make a good combination using colored furniture. You can get almost any color and, if you want some with exclusive tones, there is the option of going straight to the manufacturer.

Children can get sick of these colors earlier, asking for other shades, which shortens the life of the furniture. A good alternative to save money is to buy white furniture and paint it yourself in your preferred color.

Blackboard Wall

The great advantage of this item is the possibility to change the design whenever you want. Furthermore, it stimulates the child’s creativity. To get a blackboard wall, just apply matte enamel paint on the area you want. If the child is allergic, it is necessary to use anti-allergic chalk.

Reading Corner

In addition to giving a charm to the room, putting a reading area is interesting to sharpen children’s taste for reading and writing.

One option is to use a very comfortable table or bench, chair and beanbags and place a shelf or even spread books, comics and magazines that are already of interest to children in this space.

Rustic Bedroom

For a more natural look, arched doors and windows can be placed, as well as wooden floors. For curtains and sheets, flower prints go well.

Pictures and drawings that refer to nature help to compose the environment. Choose a wooden bed (there are several models for children) to finish the decoration.

Shelves and Niches

Two great options for the beauty and practicality they offer are shelves and niches. As they go straight on the walls, they optimize the space in the room, and it is possible to make a good combination of materials and colors.

In them you can put books, toys and games. Remember to leave everything within reach of children.


They can be found in all sizes and shapes, and you can choose some custom ones if you like. They help to decorate the bed, but can be spread throughout the room. The pillows have the advantage of practicality, as while washing the cover, it is possible to put a completely different one on the foam, always varying the decoration.

Room with caster

This is an option for children’s room decoration that has been gaining attention lately. The furniture in this type of room all comes with wheels, making it easy to change position.

Ideal for two children’s room, as this way the smaller bed can be under the larger one when not in use, for example.

In addition to all these options shown, it is always necessary to respect children’s tastes when decorating a children’s room.