Minimalist VS Maximal Deco Ideas for Your 5 Room Homes

When decorating the house, a personal touch is encouraged. But it all turns on you, want to choose a simple concept (minimalist) or excessive (maximalist). Both are interesting to try, the question is which one is right with the soul?

Everyone wants freedom of expression from the question of dress, the way they behave to the decoration and layout of the house.

For any residence, it is more personal, know that is where you rest, want to ‘sweet-sweet’ with your loved ones and so on.

But to get the ideal space, you need to know yourself first. Which is definitely how you decorate and arrange a little bit tells your personality.

By understanding individual tastes, you can find balance in the space as well as identify whether you are a minimalist (simple-minded) or maximalist (bold and creative).

But notice not, the concept of minimalism is seen as more popular. Yes, when asked about the concept of a dream home, the average person calls it minimalist. Yes that’s right, some people prefer to see empty space rather than the density of furniture in one place. Check it out.

But there is nothing wrong with trying the opposite concept, as long as it gives you comfort and inner satisfaction. The question is, are you #gengminimalis or #teammaksimalis? Let’s explore these two concepts in more detail.

Are You a Minimalist Gang?

How minimalist are you? Minimalism is closely related to empty space, plain colors and patterns, freedom and simplicity.

This is to minimize visuals and focus only on a few useful and practical items.

In terms of decoration, instead of not being good at decorating or not having items to display, however you prefer a spacious space, and most are kept out of sight.

This shows you are a person who likes calmness, simplicity and a free soul.

So, the space revolves around only essential basic furniture, followed by blank walls with little ornaments. Color schemes, on the other hand, tend to be neutral colors and choose organic items.

As Joshua Becker, author of The More of Less and The Minimalist Home , says :

“A minimalist person tends to like the detail and clarity aspect of one’s intention or purpose. Basically minimalism refers to focusing on certain things and ignoring other things that can distract ”.

Are You a Maximalist Team?

The maximalist space is more flexible and dynamic, where items and furniture are easily accessible even if the position is constantly changing.

An idea just popped into my head. This shows you are a creative person. Don’t even stand still!

The space of the maximalist may look different from day to day. Bright colors with intricate patterns are mixed, with maximum ornaments, closing all the empty spaces, depending on the movements and daily routines of its occupants.

If there is a little empty space here and there, it is not safe to make it. Must be itchy hands to fill it with something.

Most of those maximalists are a collector, very appreciative and very self -indulgent. They are usually calmer in crowded areas, thinking it is more interesting and self -motivating. 

… Or are you both?

It’s not impossible, but certainly you tend to one concept over another. And it’s not wrong for you to be interested in both.

Yet back to yourself and how these two concepts apply to specific spaces in your residence. Then, you decide for yourself, which one is more suitable.

Minimalist & Maximal Essential Elements

DraftMINIMALISTLess is more
More and more
MINIMALIST Neutral color
palettes such as cream,
white, and gray
Bold and bright colors like red, magenta, and black
Pattern MINIMALIST Plain and lack of details to reveal
Repetitive patterns such as floral, abstract, and animal prints

MINIMALIST Modern and contemporary
A combination of styles — not limited to classic, eclectic, and boho
Room MINIMALIST In general, geometric shapes emphasize a large and clean area
Layering, space is more spacious and not limited to a certain size
MINIMALIST Lighting from outside sources, more windows, and shutters
More to the bright lighting to elevate the sentimental features
MINIMALIST More on natural and neutral ingredients
Personal and sentimental

1. Living Room

Minimalist Style

If you are a minimalist, the main thing to consider for a living room is the space, and then the function of each item on display.

You prefer furniture that is important aka essential only. For a family living room, all you need is a TV, shelves, coffee table and sofa. This is enough to liven up the atmosphere.

The sofa is not from a complicated design. The walls are dominated by two or three neutral or pastel colors such as white, gray, yellow and others. Jewelry is just like that, the meaning is not excessive. Like, I don’t want to show off so much ..

The ‘unnecessary’ decoration is not just to beautify the home. The space feels more airy, and the lighting is also good. There may be hidden storage space under the stairs or between the walls for you to store your belongings.

Maximum Style

The living room will be filled with a variety of furniture, masterpieces and gifts, bringing your wonderful story or memory, also prioritizing diversity of functions. The walls are bright and bold colors such as red, green, black and others.

You will choose sofas and rugs with different designs and designs. Each table is filled with valuable collections from picture frames to table ornaments.

Details dominate every corner with decorations and items that have their own value. Like minimalism, comfort is a priority even if the living room looks crowded and compact.

The use of hidden storage or concealed storage is not for the maximalist because if possible you want to decorate every corner and space with sentimental things. The thing is already there, you have to show it.

2. Bedroom

Minimalist Style

The bedroom is more personal so for a minimalist concept, simplicity is very important, so that you are more comfortable.

The floor is carpeted (probably made of wool) and left to stretch. Clothes, books, jewelry, slippers, blankets, and objects are stored on closed shelves or in storage boxes.

The wall color scheme may be from your favorite color which is usually with natural elements such as the use of wood, indoor plants as well as water humidifiers placed in a corner. Humidifiers are more than just decoration! Check out these added benefits.

Infographic Provided by American Residential Services

While the minimalist style is simpler and cleaner, that doesn’t mean there’s no room for you to decorate. The artwork is limited to one corner, with minimal ornaments and patterns.

Maximum Style

According to Kelly Wearstler of Decorating Den Interiors , the maximalist style is the best opportunity for you to decorate your home without limits.  

Contrary to minimalism, it does not necessarily mean “excessive” in terms of visuals, although it is more “lively”.

Maximalist style focuses on bold colors, patterns and creativity in every corner of your bedroom.

The bedroom concept is like a small gallery for you. Many works of art, picture frames and ornaments are either hung or placed on tables.

Like you are ‘hugged’ with memories to sleep better. Carpets and sashes are also not the same in terms of motifs and colors.

3. Kitchen

Minimalist Style

Take the example of Australian interior designer Darren James, whose kitchen combines rich wood finishes with organic elements. The result is a balanced appearance and a functional kitchen.

You can see how minimalist elements in Japanese design are combined with contemporary Australian features. Truly beautiful!

Minimalism is about harmony, focusing on scale, function and space. Plenty of storage is hidden for storage purposes, creating a simple and tidy space with a modest budget of necessities.

Most minimalist kitchens are walled in white with a few splashes of certain colors, and a natural texture that creates the illusion of calm.

There may be minimal ornaments such as bar table sets and chairs, and modern dining sets complete the space.

Maximum Style

The dining room not only serves as a place to eat, but also as a gathering place for relatives. But not everyone is lucky to have a large space.

Due to limited space, the concept of a kitchen and dining room combination is often used for a maximalist concept.

To maximize the use of space and practicality in the kitchen, taking the main concept of ‘more and more’, the maximalist kitchen not only highlights the concept of bold colors to raise the mood and appetite, it also serves to feed the ‘eyes’.

Meaning, not just antique plates, neatly hung utensils with open cabinets for dining for those who see, but more than that.

Among them are patches of textured tiles with certain patterns on the floor and walls, botanical plants, as well as chandeliers that illuminate the atmosphere in the kitchen highlighting the perfect maximal statement.

4. Bathroom

Minimalist Style

Also among the main private spaces, the minimalist bathroom emphasizes a simple element in comfort, as the bathroom space is relatively small compared to other spaces.

Usually minimalist bathrooms are contemporary in nature and offer a high visual impact despite the lack of accessories.

Bathroom lamps with simple sizes and details as well as a few small potted plants and towels neatly rolled up on shelves from natural materials, complete the atmosphere.

The color scheme of this bathroom is softer and neutral, to add glow and calm for those of you who need a longer ‘time’ in the bathroom.

Even modern minimalism can be a second family living room as it is comfortable with a practical space.

Maximum Style

The bathroom reflects the mood, preferences and psychological characteristics of its owner. For a maximalist bathroom, freedom in space is not a priority but more to the decorations and more personal items.

Lighter or darker color schemes or palettes, coupled with patterned tiles of different textures highlight the corners in the bathroom.

In terms of style, different designs reflect your personality: Greek, Turkish, English etc., as well as a selection of modern, classic, contemporary or techno concepts; it all revolves around a space that can be filled with something to brighten up the atmosphere in the bathroom.

Accessories, toiletries and self -contained fireplaces are neatly arranged in the wild and placed either in certain sinks or shelves, with the use of large mirrors highlighting the lighting.

There may also be a bookshelf for you to spend time with additional ornaments such as small trees and others.

5. Garden

Minimalist Style

The minimalist garden in the yard of the house should be decorated and planned well as well as beautify the exterior of the house.

Usually, the size of the garden in front of the house for a medium -sized terrace house is at least 3×4 meters. So the choice of grass with plants is not too much.

Just a few types of grass are enough for the whole garden, and only a few leafy and flowering trees that may be planted in large pots or hung.

Like other minimalist spaces, the simple and modest aspects play an important role. So the minimalist garden provides more space for children to play and run around.

Maximum Style

For maximalist gardens, this is an opportunity for them to highlight creativity and abilities in landscaping.

Some hire third parties for landscaping arrangements, such as the installation of koi ponds, pergola gardens, fountains, wooden decks, as well as concrete walkways to the park. There are those who make their own. Great!

But there are also those who prefer to experiment by planting a variety of trees and plants that bloom to highlight the garden, either hung or arranged in flower pots.

The choice of certain trees such as palm trees, bonsai or cactus is often the main choice for a maximalist garden. New beautiful!

It doesn’t matter if it looks like a jungle, it is like therapy for them, let alone seeing the crops grow, bloom and grow.

Whether you are a free -spirited or a brave person, the concept of minimalism and maximalism has its own advantages in decorating all your living spaces.  

Happy decorating!

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