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Mediterranean Greek-style Inspiration in Your Home

Mediterranean inspiration spreads all over the world, especially the Greek style. From Europe to America, shades of white and blue travel without borders. Anyone who thinks of Greece, and its islands, associates a very clear and practically immediate image when it comes to the architecture and decoration of the spaces. White, blue, flowers… All these elements end up building an image shared by all those who imagine the Greek style and transport it to the decoration.

The light colors, which bring peace and tranquility, the natural materials (such as wood and stones) and nature in general leave anyone surrendered to the beauty of the Mediterranean-inspired style, so often reflected in the decor.

So, if the waters of this sea are your thing, look no further. Transport yourself to white houses, sunshine and hot temperatures… We’ve gathered examples that make you travel back in time and rethink your home decor. Roll out the towel and get ready to return to the heat.

1. A greek house for sure

This house is the mirror of any Greek scenario (from the modern era). From nature to its interior, the decoration is made of neutral tones (such as white and beige) and highlights the strong blue and woods.

In addition to the wall painting and the benches that approach the sofa, the blue also extends to the glass accessories that are found on the table and around the fireplace. In the rooms, sand tones are the favourites, while the dark blue wallpaper of white painted boats transports you to the warm water beaches of the Mediterranean.

2. The marriage between blue and white

The Greek style is not just any blue, but one that resembles the immensity of the sea, which seems difficult to find in the most common objects and decorations. This is the example that perfectly matches the white and blue tones, combining them with decorative elements in woody tones.

The white is thus spread over the bedroom walls, the bed frame and ends up on the coffee table. The shutters, in a strong blue tone, let in the light and add (even) more color to the bed linen. The lamps are held by ropes that, in us, hold the need for artificial light.

3. The Greek style in the bath

And because the decoration is not limited to divisions such as the living room and bedroom, the bathroom also gains another highlight when thought of in an unconventional way and in completely different tones from the usual.

The white tones are limited to painting the shower partition, which then changes color to that typical blue… The floor is painted in tiles of both colors, while the shower, covered in gold, is highlighted in this local.

4. Go to Greece without leaving the room

The Greek islands have never been so close and just go to the living room to check it out. In addition to shades of blue and white, browns and wood are highlighted in the dining area.

The floor, also in light wood, is the perfect touch in a room with a typical decoration and, above all, a unique lightness. Get inspired by this style and realize that, in fact, you don’t even need to use the same chairs around the dining table.

5. A window to the sea

Don’t be fooled by the expression, because you don’t need to have the sea at your door to bring you indoors. Proof of this is this room, which gives the main role to white tones, wood and raffia.

The lightest shade of blue can be found in the storage cupboard, which effortlessly stands out among the harmonious decor of the space. There is still room for the gray pillows on the sofa.

6. Modern Greek

Back to the bathrooms, and because not all decoration needs to resemble that of paradise islands, this is proof that all styles can be adapted above all to a more modern approach and that doesn’t detract, at all, from the Mediterranean essence.

The golden ones once again gain prominence in a division that is sometimes forgotten when it comes to interior decoration. Blue tiles cover the bathing area, letting the color spread across the tiled floor. The wood of the support furniture occupies another important place.

7. Wood, white and green

Blue is the only shade missing, but that doesn’t compromise the decor of this space, which remains faithful to the Mediterranean style. The white stays on the walls, the table and the curtains, without forgetting the ropes on the ceiling, which add a very special touch to the room.

Plants are another differentiating element, along with the picture hanging on the wall. The truth is that the possibilities are immense and result in a perfect symbiosis.