Learn to Decorate and Transform Your Home With Rustic Style

Rustic Style

If you want to bring a feeling of comfort and feelings of affection into your home, the rustic style is the perfect choice for that. It also refers to contact with nature, providing elegant and playful scenarios.


In the past, the rustic style was unique to country houses. However, this movement invaded modern decorations, bringing a special charm to urban environments.

The decor transforms the environments, bringing a feeling of freedom and tranquility that only refuges outside the city could provide. Contact with nature guarantees much greater well-being for residents.

Whether it’s an apartment or a house, the rustic style can be part of your life. And, for that, write down our tips, get the decoration right and embrace this movement that refers to calm and security.

Discover the main characteristics of the rustic style

Discover the main characteristics of the rustic style

One of the main characteristics of the rustic style is the essence of nature that appears in its furniture and other decoration items. Straw, clay, stone, copper, and wood are elements that connect us with our ancestors.

And it is from this, the feelings of affection, warmth, nostalgia, and comfort are experienced within an environment with rustic decor. It invites us to relive these moments and these sensations.

Discover the main characteristics of the rustic style 1

Wooden furniture: classic rustic style 

Wooden furniture classic rustic style 

Wooden furniture classic rustic style 1

When we join “wood” and “rustic” in the same sentence, we imagine a decoration full of furniture made of the material, hand-cut and with the appearance of a country house. But the trend doesn’t always need to follow this concept.

Wooden furniture brings visual comfort, in addition to being versatile pieces, creating countless possibilities. Decoration made with this material can elevate the rustic to a more charming and sophisticated level.

Plants in decoration: contact with nature 

Plants in decoration contact with nature 

When we think of “rustic,” we immediately remember the fields and countryside. Therefore, it is essential to use plants to apply the style in decoration. As the vegetation brings more liveliness, you can mix flowers and leaves, and it is important to have harmony between the arrangement of vases and the rest of the furniture.

Copper objects: a touch of sophistication

Copper objects

Copper objects 1

The beauty of copper is undeniable and recent in decoration, even though it has been present in utensils for years, especially kitchen utensils. It’s a rescue to our grandmothers’ habits in their country homes. And rusticity is also linked to pieces that resist time and adapt to different environments, creating a rustic industrial style.

Wicker items: charm and lots of history 

Wicker items 1

Wicker items

Documents indicate that wicker appeared in Ancient Egypt, being a material of primitive origin. Parts for the houses were produced, as well as shields. Currently, it is seen in baskets, chairs, and decorative items, bringing a strong sense of coziness and well-being to the environment.

How to bring style into the home? 

How to bring style into the home

The rustic style seeks the feeling of escaping from every day, of embracing the comfort and coziness of a peaceful and comfortable life. Therefore, the decoration needs to convey these sensations.

By applying some items in the decoration in a well-dosed way and with rustic characteristics, we create a harmonious space to stimulate adequate memory.

In the kitchen, for example, the bet is always on raw wood for tables and chairs. For the kitchen cabinet, the design can include older wood. In the bathroom, the idea is to use natural stones and ceramics.

Importantly, you don’t need to turn your house or apartment into a farmhouse. You can add rustic style to some home furnishings.

Other materials can represent the style, such as bed linen made of linen, prints such as plaid and floral, and pieces in pure cotton. So you can mix patterns and sizes and play with natural textures throughout the decor.

The rustic style and its variations 

The rustic style and its variations 

As we have seen, the style has numerous possibilities for decorating in a rustic style, mainly due to the number of variations it presents. Let’s get to know some of the main ones.

Scandinavian rustic style 

Scandinavian rustic style

He mainly explores natural wood in his furniture and decorative objects. The blue and white colors are also present in this strand that embraces the characteristics of the Nordic environment.

Italian rustic style 

Italian rustic style 

In southern Italy, you can find environments made of solid wood and rustic stone tiles. In this style, contrasts are unusual, and the furniture with natural finishes brings balance to the decor.

American rustic style 

American rustic style 

The combination of wood and natural tones is the key to this type of rustic style decor. One key piece you can find in every American home that embraces this style is the rocking chair.

English rustic style 

English rustic style 

Large armchairs, leather sofas, fireplace, and antique desks are the main items in a rustic English atmosphere. Classic furniture and books complete this warm and very passionate atmosphere.

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