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Latest Wallpaper Trends to Embellish Your Walls

Are you as bored as I am with white, cream and gray walls? They can be very beautiful, but they are bland and many accessories are needed to fill the rooms and make them cozy. Due to this, for a few years now the walls decorated with wallpaper have been returning, which get a spectacular change of the rooms.

Thanks to new printing technologies there are beautiful designs, shapes and patterns. Specifically, we are going to see ideas to decorate with blue wallpaper as it is a timeless, elegant color and provides visual calm. Characteristics that have led it to be chosen the color of the year by the prestigious company Pantone Color Institute, the world’s largest reference for color.

Decoration ideas with wallpaper for the walls

When you decorate the walls with these wallpapers, you already know that the room will take on a blue background color, either more or less intense, but this tone will predominate. That is why it is good that you take a look at the article on the colors that combine with blue in decoration , so that you can add accessories that harmonize and get magazine results.

Floral print for the bedroom

A floral pattern with a turquoise background is very reminiscent of spring in areas of blooming trees. It is a design that looks like a work of art, due to its complexity and tone, it is designed to decorate bedrooms.

In order not to overload the room, it is advisable to place this paper on the wall of the headboard of the bed, leaving the other walls and the ceiling free.

Vintage wood effect for the hall

The decoration with vintage wood is very fashionable. The Nordic and Scandinavian style attracts us because it is super cozy, and this wallpaper simulates the texture very well.

It is an intense print, not in terms of color strength but in terms of attracting attention. That is why it is recommended to place it in small areas or on a single wall. It can look great in the storage room or on a hall wall if you combine it with rustic furniture.

Nautical print for kids

If you want to decorate the children’s bedroom with a nice pattern , but you don’t want it to look overdone, this type of paper is very nice. The advantage is that the base is white and you save yourself painting the boats one by one.

Sober and elegant paper for an office

Perhaps you thought that wallpapers could only be bright and eye-catching patterns. You will like to know that there are options for all kinds of needs, such as to give an office elegance.

The grayish blue color is one of the most sober there is, it combines the calm of blue with the elegance of black, perfect to give a distinguished image without being boring.

For adventure lovers

If you are going for a walk and you want a role with personality, there are authentic works of art that take all the attention of the room. If, in addition to this paper, you complement the walls with photos of your travels, or with a map of the routes you have followed, the result will be daring and personalized.

Modern design wallpaper

There are also good options for those who prefer modern designs, with lively colors and current patterns. These papers look good in the hall or a living room wall , they enliven the atmosphere and if the rest of the furniture accompanies they have a cheerful effect.

70s look wallpaper

And of course they could not miss seventies looks, the decade where wallpaper became popular thanks to the possibilities it offered. Now that retro decor is so in vogue, decorating a wall or room with vintage ’70s-style wallpaper looks great.