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Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen with White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

With the right cabinetry, trust me, you are going to have an amazing kitchen. It’s that feature that gives your kitchen a facelift so be sure to invest in it. Nowadays, most people prefer styles that are simple and minimal but still classy. So far, white has been considered a simple and basic color that still gives your kitchen an expensive look only with the right design. Having white-shaker kitchen cabinets should be your bet.

In this article, we will get to talk about important details you should know about white shaker kitchen cabinets.

Why do most people prefer to install white shaker kitchen cabinets?

Below are some of the top reasons why people consider having white shaker kitchen cabinets. Stay put to get to know them.

Beauty and versatility

Their lack of embellishment creates enough room for creativity. You don’t have to worry about the kitchen design or the possible colors it could blend with as it is receptive to several styles and themes giving your kitchen a beautiful interior outlook. This makes them a perfect fit for any kitchen.

They are a popular choice

Over any other shaker kitchen cabinetry, white is what most people end up choosing. It’s what always comes first to everyone’s mind if they don’t have a clear idea of which other color to choose.

Easy to maintain

It’s always thought to be the hardest to clean while on the contrary, just as any other color, it’s as easy to clean. To have them maintain their color and keep looking fresh and clean, you have to be proactive; always clean any spills or dust immediately after they fall on their surfaces. You’d only need a half by half solution of both warm water and white vinegar in a spray bottle with a rag to help you wipe the surfaces.

White acts as a stress reliever

Naturally, white has always been an obvious choice to make a room have a sense of peacefulness and freshness. For a room that contributes so much into your family’s social life, it is best to have your shaker kitchen cabinets in white.

Simplicity and functionality

The white shaker kitchen cabinets are considered a long-term investment by most homeowners. This is because of their ability to emphasize on both simplicity and functionality.

They achieve a timeless look

With white shaker kitchen cabinets, you are assured that they are not close to anywhere near going out of style. If given proper maintenance, they are going to serve you as long as you can imagine; with their beauty and freshness still intact.

White shaker kitchen cabinets have great resale value

Research has it that white has more positive impact when it comes to reselling value than any other color. Its versatility nature is what attracts most home buyers. Therefore, if you ever feel that you’d want to resell your house in the future, consider investing in white kitchen cabinets.

Cost-effective choice

Considering their selling price, it is not exaggerated compared to other kitchen cabinets which makes it easier for most homeowners to afford.

Illusion space

For smaller kitchens, it is best to go for white-shaker kitchen cabinets. This is because white as a bright color has the ability to reflect natural light. This helps in lighting the whole space even the darker corners which makes your kitchen space look bigger than usual.

Why they aren’t popular in most homes

Despite their versatile nature, not everyone thinks they are a good idea to have them in their homes. Below are some of the reasons as to why

Difficult to maintain

For a very busy homeowner or in a house with kids and/or pets, having your shaker cabinets in white is most definitely the worst idea. It is very easy to spot any dirt or spills on a white surface, if not cleaned immediately, it will discolor the cabinets.

Exaggerates your kitchen space

Those homes with bigger kitchen space do not require white shaker kitchen cabinets. This is because white acts as a reflector of natural light which in turn makes your kitchen space appear bigger than it already is. In this case, it is better to have your shaker kitchen cabinets in a darker shade.

Desire to be different

Some people desire to be different from the rest. Therefore, since white is common for most kitchen cabinets, they’d prefer a different color.

How to make your kitchen better with white shaker kitchen cabinets?

Are you interested in wanting to know how you’d enhance your kitchen’s beauty with only white shaker kitchen cabinets? You are in the right place then. Below are tips on how you can achieve this.

Take advantage of the natural light

Natural light can be of benefit to any kitchen with white cabinetry. In renovating your kitchen, make sure your cabinets are facing the right direction from where the natural light comes in to get in your kitchen. This will help reflect the room making it more lively and spacious.

Choose accent colors

Depending on your personality, you can choose whichever color you’d want to add life to your kitchen. Just a small number of contrasting colors help play up your cabinetry.

Add some texture to your backsplash

Just having your kitchen all white can be boring. The best way to add beauty and life to your kitchen is by adding marble, metal, ceramic, tiles, and glass as your backsplashes.

Clean and maintain your cabinetry

As much as you’d want your kitchen to maintain its beauty and elegance, it’s not possible if you don’t clean your cabinets as often as possible. It’s better if you just make it a routine.

What to consider before buying?

Here is what you should consider before buying the white shaker kitchen cabinets.

How much they cost

Before purchasing anything, price is the one factor that has to be considered always. Is it within your budget? or you are just going to end up indebted to someone. It’s better to go for what you can. It doesn’t have to be of low quality. With so many furniture workshops, you can always get exactly what you’re looking for but at a lower price.


Look for high-quality white shaker kitchen cabinets. It tends to serve you for a longer period of time compared to the ones with low quality.

Final thoughts

With white shaker kitchen cabinets, you don’t have to worry about them going out of style. Trends come and go but they are here to stay. Always consider this article as your place of reference.