Bathroom Design

Ideas to Decorate Small Bathroom at Low Cost


Transform your home bathroom with simple, creative and economical ideas.

You suddenly want to change the look of the bathroom, but you need to make the changes for little money. The tip is to put into practice creative ideas, easy to put into practice and up to date with the main trends of the moment.

Houses and apartments are getting smaller and this directly impacts the size of the rooms. In a small bathroom, you should use few elements, choose the colours well and prioritize the organization. It’s also worth putting into practice some DIY (do it yourself) ideas to make the room your own.

Learn how to decorate a small bathroom for little money

Bathroom space can sometimes seem like a problem when it comes to decorating, but be aware that it’s harder to decorate a large room than a small one! With a little creativity and a lot of dedication, you can have a cosy, beautiful and elegant bathroom.

Metro White

Metro White 1

Metro White 2

Metro White 3

Metro White, also known as subway tiles, is a coating that imitates white bricks. You can find in building supply stores such as boards with the design of the bricks and also the loose pieces to be glued one by one on the wall.

Success in the decoration world has become an essential item for those who like a more clean and harmonious environment. It can be used in any space, or just in specific places, such as inside the box and half of the wall, creating a division of colours and textures.

Coloured Furniture

Coloured Furniture

Coloured Furniture 1

Coloured Furniture 2

The colourful furniture is perfect for those who like colours but prefer a more discreet environment with cheerful details.

Drawers and colourful countertops can be the main items of the small decorated bathroom. Add objects such as vases and towels that contrast with the chosen colour.

Organizing Baskets

Organizing Baskets

Organizing Baskets 1

Organizing Baskets 2

The baskets are easy to find to decorate a small bathroom, spending little, in addition to being super charming and helping to keep the space more organized. Use them to store the main objects that should be visible, such as a bath towel, washcloth and toilet paper.

There is no lack of options for where to place the baskets. You can hang some on the wall as niches, place them on top of the counter or underneath if you have an extra shelf, or leave them on the floor next to the toilet. In addition to transforming the environment, it is useful and accessible.

Shelves and Niches

Vials 1

Shelves and Niches

Shelves and Niches 2

Shelves and Niches 3

Shelves and Niches 4

If the sink cabinet doesn’t have enough space, all is not lost. Take advantage of the bathroom walls to install shelves and niches.

Shelves and Niches 5

Shelves are great as they don’t take up a lot of space. Analyze the environment, see where it will be easier to reach objects.

Shelves and Niches 6

One option is to install it above the toilets, so that all bathroom items, from the sink to the shower, are only on one side of the room. This makes the space more balanced and does not interfere with people’s movement.

Shelves and Niches 7

The cut-out niches are an alternative for those who want to save a lot on decoration. Ask your mason to build a cement niche in the wall, but be careful with the pipes.

Shelves and Niches 8

You can do it inside the box to store creams, shampoo, conditioner and soap, or beside the countertop. So you can store your cosmetics without taking up space in drawers and countertops.

Shelves and Niches 9

Some ideas simply waste creativity, as is the case with wire baskets attached to the wall that takes on the function of a shelf. The floating wooden shelves also make the bathroom cosier, as does the staircase.

Coloured Walls

Coloured Walls

The coloured walls convey a lot of creativity and bring more joy to the environment. Choose a wall to be the highlight and set a colour that you like, it makes all the difference.

Coloured Walls 1

Colours convey different sensations, so it is important to choose a relaxing and calming colour to make the bath time even more pleasant. Blue, green, white, brown and pink, used in softer and lighter tones, convey calm, relaxation and patience.

Coloured Walls 2

Colours like yellow, red and orange are more intense and motivating. If your focus is on leaving the bathroom inspired, invest in these shades.



Curtains 1

Curtains 2

Who has never had a curtain in the bathroom that cast the first stone! The curtain has been and is part of the decoration of many bathrooms.

The shower box is more expensive, so a great option is the patterned curtains. Nowadays, there are several materials to be used in the environment, from printed crystal plastic to waterproof fabrics.

Choose a print that matches the entire decor, from the designs to the colour palette. In addition to being charming, it will make a lot of difference when decorating a small bathroom with little expense.



Vials 1

Vials 2

Vials 3

In the sink, there is always liquid soap, gel alcohol and other products that we love to use. But, you can take these items and turn them into decorative objects.

Buy glass or porcelain jars to put on the counter and your toiletries inside. There are even decorative sticks with pearls and flowers to decorate these different bottles, creating a very elegant decoration for your bathroom.

Glass jars, also known as Manson Jars, can be used to build amazing wooden support. In these containers, you can keep cotton swabs, cotton, toothbrushes, makeup brushes, among other hygiene items.

Old Furniture

Coloured Furniture

Old Furniture 1

If you’re a fan of vintage-style things, you’ll probably love the style of these bathrooms. The creators used antique furniture as part of the decoration and the results are incredible.

The old wooden furniture, which was abandoned, gained a little more life when it was used as a countertop for the bathroom sink, in addition to being a new cabinet for objects.

The foot of the old sewing machine can also be transformed into a beautiful and super stylish bathroom countertop. Remember to apply a lot of varnish on the wood to ensure long life and durability.


Flowers 1

Flowers 2


Flowers can transform any room, from a living room to a small bathroom.

Small flower vases can be placed on the countertop or on shelves and niches as a beautiful object to add value to your environment, in addition to making it more fragrant.

If you don’t have much experience with this universe, succulents are easy to care for and go well with any decor. One suggestion is the stone rose.


Mirrors 1

Mirrors 2

Mirrors 3

Mirrors 4

Mirrors 5

Mirrors 6

Mirrors 7

Mirrors 8

Today there are so many varieties of mirrors that it’s hard to choose just one! Round ones are a charm and are on the rise. There are models with different cords and frames that can add more personality to your bathroom.

There are mirrors with different frames and built-in light, which makes it much easier when shaving or making up.

If your goal is to make the room look bigger, bet on a large mirror, from the ceiling to the countertop. This will give the illusion of a taller and more spacious bathroom.