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Ideas to Beautify the Garden and the Exterior of the House

Not only the interior decoration of the house is important. Choosing the right colors, furniture and accessories for the exterior of the house or garden makes the house a welcoming and thoughtful business card. Whether you opt for a more ethnic style and colors, or for more sober colors, or even lighter ones, you should take into account the style of the house, the space available, and the type of activities you intend to carry out outdoors. If you intend to have many dinners with friends or family abroad, you should include furniture and utensils that allow these activities.

If you want to give a fresher tone, you should select a color palettecooler, if you want to give joy and energy to your summer parties, the warmer colors will be perfect. Here are several options that can be an inspiration and help in decorating the exterior of the house.


If you want to add a touch of calm to the garden, the ideal would be to opt for calmer and fresher colors for your decoration, such as dark blues, greens and a touch of black to instill depth. If you prefer a quieter indoor or outdoor garden, these colors and type of decoration are ideal. Garden furniture and colors blend in the garden itself, creating a relaxing space.


If you want to invoke the Mediterranean style, where the most vivid blues reign, the yellows inherent to the sunset are mixed with oranges and yellow-brown, these are the ideal colors to do so. Add a Mediterranean touch to the garden with plants such as bougainvillea, wooden tables, decks, lemon and orange trees, and all the details that make a Mediterranean-style garden, the home’s center of conviviality. Don’t forget to fill everything with large chandeliers to light up the room.


For a garden like the Arabian Nights, where the oriental atmosphere leaps out at the first glance, brownish tones, saturated oranges and greens are the perfect colors. Don’t limit your imagination, use a tent for late-night summer dinners, lots of lamps, pillows and maybe, who knows, a plate of couscous salad for friends, accompanied by Moroccan mint tea.


If your decorating style is bohemian chic, then use a little 70’s inspiration filled with many lounge chairs, encompassing a great relax area, all finished with elegant fabrics such as striped fabrics, where pastel colors are the predominant colors is ideal. In this way, they will create a calm, elegant space, with soft lighting, where relaxing will be a pleasure.


To decorate a forest garden, it is important to keep in mind that they must create special nooks and crannies among the well-kept vegetation of the garden. To spend more intimate moments with family and away from the eyes, for a well-deserved rest after a day at work, a garden decorated with a more neutral palette that blends naturally with nature is recommended. Whether you use a pergola to decorate with vines, a more special deck under an old tree, or a hammock and lots of pillows, a garden like this is always a unique place.


Pink can be a very welcoming color, especially if used in more neutral tones. Adding furniture that creates a rustic atmosphere, such as iron garden furniture, gives rise to a unique decoration when used to decorate a garden. To emphasize the pink tones, use grays, lots of flowery pillows, all reminding a little of grandma’s garden.