Bathroom Design

Ideas for to Get the Most Out of Small Bathrooms

Do you have a small bathroom and want to make the most of it? Reform in sight? We have good news for you. It’s possible! Taking into account a couple of things, you can fill it with spaciousness, life and personality. We have compiled a few ideas for small bathrooms to make it the room of your dreams.

2 fundamental tips: choose elements that multiply the light and furniture that help you take advantage of every corner.

Light is key

Does your bathroom have a window? If so, you are in luck! Natural light creates a feeling of visual spaciousness and will make your bathroom appear much larger than it actually is. But if you don’t have a window, you can also take advantage of two key tricks: for your bulbs, choose white light over yellow; and for the colors of your furniture, walls and floors, choose light or white tones.

Bet on neutral colors

The best way to visually enlarge a room is to use colors that convey greater visual breadth. For this, neutral tones are best, especially whites and beiges. These colors, unlike dark ones, reflect and multiply light, maximizing the feeling of space.

The mirrors, better big

To multiply light, there are few more efficient allies than mirrors. They can act as false windows, especially if you place them in front of one. Therefore, a large mirror can help you take advantage of every ray of light that is reflected in your bathroom, maximizing space.

If you cannot install a large mirror on the wall, take advantage of the bathroom furniture to do so. There are tons of great cabinets that have mirrors in their doors. What do you think?

Tiles and tiles? Better with glitter

In that same effort to multiply the light, you can include tiles with shine. They don’t have as much effect as mirrors but… they get closer! If you install them in white or beige, you will appreciate the difference much more.

Likewise, you can use marble-finish tiles … They are usually of the aforementioned tones (white or beige ), in addition to having a certain shine, and they also tend to favor luminosity.

Simple and light furniture

Soaps, creams, perfumes, towels, plants …, there are many objects that are stored in the bathrooms. For this reason, it is convenient to have large-capacity furniture that allows you to store everything you need. Regardless, this does not mean that they have to be large and take up a lot of space: there is a wide variety of minimalist but practical furniture on the market that will assist you in bringing more out of your room. If you also get them in neutral colors … Better than better!

Take advantage of the space with your sink

The furniture suspended leave before it a greater amount of floor and wall, contributing to the feeling of spaciousness. If you need storage space, don’t worry! You just have to place some wicker baskets under the furniture … They are very fashionable!

If you want to press even more space in your bathroom, bet on placing a corner sink in one of the corners.

Choose a screen that does not take up space

Screen for small bathrooms

If you have a shower tray, bet on non-folding screens, otherwise you will take up space in the room. Instead, choose sliding screens, if possible transparent, which will help to give a feeling of spaciousness. Although, if you prefer a bit more privacy, you can also choose translucent.

Stylish and efficient storage

We have talked about wicker baskets, which are very fashionable and which, in addition, are a great ally to store everything you need in your bathroom. However, we want to share several more storage tricks so you can squeeze the most space out of your small bathroom.

Have you thought about taking benefit of the existing space above the sink and toilet ? You can find very beautiful shelves that fit perfectly with the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Another very useful idea is to use the bathroom door to leave personal hygiene products and utensils, towels … This will allow you to free up space in the room and contribute to the feeling of spaciousness you are looking for. For this you can also use a storage cart with wheels: by being able to move it, you can place it in one place or another according to your needs and, if you prefer, you can even take it out of the bathroom.

Other idea. The wooden stairs for storage are the most trendy now! You will find them in a thousand different styles, and they will help you store the basics of your bathroom without adding visual heaviness to the space, as they are very light. This one in the image, low and narrow, is used to store rolls of toilet paper, but it is very common to find them larger to put towels.

What do you think of all these ideas? Tell us in the comments section. We hope we have helped you, and that is… a small bathroom can also be a beautiful bathroom! Also, look at our guide to organizing the closet most efficiently.