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Ideas for Functional Washing Machine Cabinet at Home

At home, we must always be very useful space, such as a laundry room. Although it is true that everyone can’t afford the space for just one washing machine, there are still many people who have dedicated areas where they can do their home laundry in complete comfort.

It is for this reason that we are going to see the washing machine cabinet which can be placed at home to enjoy a very practical space. Furniture can be placed in the room or bathroom or kitchen area, which is other functional space in the family.

Why add a washing machine cabinet

Washing machine cabinet can be a great ally, the house in perfect order. Although we don’t have a lot of space, the fact is that this kind of furniture is essential for managing clothes every day. Whether we have a laundry room or put the washing machine in the bathroom or kitchen area, we can equip this very important thing in the house with exclusive furniture. There is no doubt that in addition to adding simple storage space, we can also add other functions, especially considering the storage needs during laundry. The most practical function is to put all the items we want to use in the laundry in the same space, so as not to cause confusion in the home.

Bathroom washing machine cabinet

In many small apartments and houses, the washing machine does not have enough space to have its own room. Those who cannot wash a quarter of the clothes will have to put the washing machine in another place. One of the most common bathroom is the bathroom, because it is located where normally leave dirty clothes. Here, we will have a laundry basket, but the fact is that drying the clothes and ironing them must be done in another place, which will bring us more work. As for bathroom furniture, they can be integrated into the swimming pool area with space for washing machines, with or without doors. There are also separate washing machines with simple shelves or cabinets to store the washing machines.

Kitchen washing machine cabinet

The kitchen is another which is usually placed space washing machine , although less frequently. If there is not enough space in the bathroom area, you can put it in the kitchen. In this case, furniture integrated in the kitchen with the same door is usually chosen so that the washing machine is not noticed in this area. Like the dishwasher, it is an appliance that we can camouflage on the door in the kitchen cabinet.

Closed or open furniture

Enclosed washing machine cabinet

This is a very good question. For many people, an open cupboard is more comfortable, while for others, it must be closed to avoid soiling the washing machine. It tends to look for hidden furniture furniture because they do not very decorative. This is why enclosed furniture has become very popular. In these cases, we only need to look for a structure with a washing machine into the closet. These furniture are modular, choose cabinets, shelves and holes according to our space and our needs. This is one of the best suggestions for washing machines.

Washing machine cabinet

The advantage of open furniture is that it provides easier access. In many laundry rooms, this type of furniture is needed because it is very easy to access and simple. Enclosed furniture is more decorative, but if we only have one room dedicated to laundry, we can leave it open. These furniture also added some shelves, the role of these shelves is to keep the clothes ironed and clean.

Laundry room furniture

Everyone wants to make a quarter of the laundry for the washing machine, because that way, you can carry everything with you, and you will waste less time doing laundry every day. In these rooms, it is common to add a piece of furniture next to the washing machine, in order to store towels and clothes that are already clean. The laundry basket is also very close and there is room for an iron. In the room, you can add more things, such as a TV. These pieces of furniture are built into the walls or sold in modules to accommodate them. Modern furniture sold in department stores and assembled at home may be the best choice.

Low-cost furniture

Some cheap furniture can be found, they are assembled from modules and they do not require a lot of space. For example, it is very basic, where you can adjust the shelves and add new space.