Ideal Shower Ideas: See the Main Types and How to Choose

Ideal Shower Ideas

Sounds simple, but see the details to think about when choosing a new shower

The convenience of the bathroom and the quality of your shower are some of the most important things in your home. As well as a very well chosen mattress, the shower model also needs to be carefully researched and purchased so that it meets your needs. The options are diverse, there are electric, thermostatic, ecological and even digital showers. Not to mention the styles and finishes, which can make all the difference in your decor.

Choosing a good shower will make your shower more enjoyable.

Whether you need an energizing shower in the morning, an invigorating shower after that workout, or when you need to get rid of the stress and fatigue of your day, your shower needs to be up to the task. Ensure the perfect choice for you with all the details of each one, understanding everything from your home’s water pressure to finding out more about each model.

How to choose the right shower

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When buying a new shower, the first factors you will need to consider are: water pressure, the type of water system your home has, and whether it has electrical heating.

Water Pressure

Pressure is the force of water in the pipe, which determines the flow that flows through it and out of the shower. This will influence which type of shower you will need to buy, as if your home has low pressure, you can buy a shower with built-in pressurization. If that’s not the case, it’s not necessary.

Water Systems

The most common shower systems are: electronic, digital, ecological and thermostatic. You should also consider their different features, styles, and whether they can be single-function or multi-purpose.

All-in-ones include different modes, from a refreshing shower to a relaxing massage. The type of system you choose depends on your home’s plumbing and the shower model you plan to install. Once the pressure and water system are identified, it is possible to better explore the available options.

The main shower models

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Considering the operating system, see which shower models are the most popular.

Electric shower

Electric shower
Common electric shower.

Electric showers pull the chilled water from the plumbing, and heat it up by internal heaters. This means you will have hot water at all times. In general, the more kilowatts, the more power the shower has. However, you may notice that energy reduces in winter. This is because the water that comes in is cooler and takes longer to heat up.

The electric shower can be used in any home, regardless of its plumbing system, as heating is only dependent on the shower itself. This is a quick model to install in any home. As it has its own heating system, it does not need to be connected to a hot water source.

Mixer Shower

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The shower called mixer works by mixing hot and cold water to obtain the desired temperature. This model typically generates a large flow of water and works very well in houses with a lot of pressure.

Since the mixer mixes hot and cold water, you can set the temperature you want each time you go to the shower. This template is easy to install and works simply. But it draws more energy than electric showers, and if anyone else in the house turns on a hot tap while you’re showering, you’ll know. The pressure that drops from the hot faucet will make your shower ice cold.

Thermostatic Shower

Thermostatic Shower
Shower integrated into the bathtub.

Thermostatic shower is a shower that gives you full temperature control. Similar to the shower mixer, the thermostatic draws water from the box and mixes cold and hot water. However, unlike the shower mixer, it maintains a consistent temperature, once you get the temperature you like it will stay very close to that temperature – even if someone else uses hot water in the house. It is a great option in homes with children or elderly people, as it has a firmer temperature control. They can be installed over bathtubs or in a box.

Digital Shower

Digital Shower
Super modern digital shower.

The digital shower is similar to the mixer, except its digital controls allow you to precisely control the temperature and flow of the water – all remotely, so you don’t even have to get out of bed to turn on the shower.

Combining hot water from the heater with just the right amount of cold water to make your shower perfect, digital showers have multiple programs and functions. While common showers need you to adjust the flow of hot or cold water, digital allows you to set the ideal temperature on your wireless panel.

As it is programmable, it is possible to leave the shower in heated mode, which gently heats the water to your preferred temperature. Digital showers are a modern choice that add a luxurious and convenient touch to any home. Some offer a remote control or smartphone connection.

Ecological Shower

Ecological shower

Ecological showers limit water flow to an efficient and sufficient water level. No matter what the pressure system, it maintains your chosen temperature. They can be found in either electric or mixer mode and offer up to 50% less water usage compared to conventional showers.

Choosing the valves

One more thing to think about when choosing your ideal shower model is the valve you will need. In general, valves come in two options: Exposed or hidden.

  • Exposed


Exposed valves are easy to identify as all their functional parts are outside the wall. They can come in a variety of styles, with the most common being the barbell. Your bathroom plumbing is connected directly to it. Its cost is good and it is practical to install.

  • Hidden

Hidden valves offer a more stylish look, with parts hidden inside the wall cavity. Usually the only parts that appear are the controls. It saves space and is very stylish.

Design: Shape and Size

The shower model is probably the most important item to ensure a good shower experience and contribute to the look of the bathroom. There are a variety of options available: round ones (which are classic and traditional) and square and rectangular ones (convey modernity). And don’t forget: the larger the diameter, the more water coverage you will have.

Contemporary Shower

Contemporary Shower
Shower with contemporary design.

Also referred to as modern, contemporary shower heads feature the latest design trend, including clean lines and simple shapes without too much fuss. Square showers and minimalist valves are especially sought after by those who want this style in their bathroom.

Traditional Shower

Traditional Shower

Having a traditional bathroom does not compromise you when choosing a new shower. You will find a lot of traditional showers available. Look for stylish showerheads, and maybe even vintage ceramic-inspired valves?

Fixed Shower

Fixed Shower

This type of shower is usually fixed to the ceiling or wall, creating a clean, modern look. With it you have a stylish and elegant decoration, in addition to being luxurious and good to wear. They may not be as practical in large families as they are not versatile in use. After all, the shower must suit your needs.

Wall Shower

wall shower

The most common models are wall mounted showers. They are indicated when hydraulic piping is embedded in the wall. The longer the tube, the greater the distance between the water jet and the wall, so it is necessary to consider the space that can be reached and the reserved size of the shower box or bathtub.

Ceiling Showers

Ceiling shower
Bathroom with shower mounted on the ceiling.

Ceiling shower

They require less space, but require a better scheduled installation, as they need to have hydraulic installation and piping up to the ceiling.

Shower Shower

Shower Shower

Widely used in Europe, the practicality of this model is like few others. Instead of having a shower head and a shower head, the two are one, allowing you to adapt to your needs of the moment. For this model, your house must have good pressure, as its dynamism depends a lot on regulating the amount of water that comes out of the shower. When in main function a greater flow is needed, while as a showerhead the flow decreases.



In different models of showers, there are different shapes and sizes of spreader, which is nothing more than the region where there are holes where each small jet of water from the shower comes out. The size of the spreader is also related to the existing water pressure, the place where the shower is installed and the general bath comfort.

Types of water jet

Types of water jet

Types of water jet 1

Nowadays it is even possible to find different types of water jets. In addition to the traditional, it is possible to innovate with massage models , linear or directional jets, cascade effect, among others. In addition to those that have a nebulizing effect, with clouds and smoke, or rain and drizzle effect.

Special finishes

Special finishes
The golden shower is a great option to make your bathroom sophisticated and classic.

As already mentioned, can you look for a cover that resembles ceramics, or maybe use specific colors to enhance your shower or match the decor? In addition to the more common chrome shower head , you can discover a variety of shower finishes, including black , gold, rose gold, bronze and nickel.

Tip for your bathroom!

Tip for your bathroom! 1

Tip for your bathroom!

Even though the shower stall is usually made of glass, there are other types to choose from. Transparent glasses are the most common, however the frosted or designed ones can offer you greater privacy. In addition to the doors, you can find other types of boxes with different materials, such as bamboo, mosaic tiles, stones at the bottom to give an exotic air.

You need to start by thinking about how much space you have for your shower, and then what shapes you can choose from there. Square, round, D-shape, rectangular, these are all popular and fit well in any bathroom. Take the measurements and make a plan, so you will see which box best fits in this space.

When choosing a new shower model for your bathroom you can be content with its features. However, since you are going to renew, why not dedicate yourself to your style as well? So, in addition to having a functional item, the shower can also be part of the decoration of the house as a whole.

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