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Ideal Colors to Paint a Kids Room

Ideal Colors to Paint a Kids Room 2

When decorating the children’s room, the starting point is usually painted. To create a bright and comfortable space, choosing a suitable color that combines well with the rest of the decoration is important.

Do you want us to show you some colors that are perfect for painting the bedroom of the little ones?

Ideal Colors to Paint a Kids Room Ideal Colors to Paint a Kids Room 1

Paint the children’s room pink

Paint the children's room pink

Pink is a typical color for painting, children’s rooms, although it doesn’t have to be limited to girls! To create a space that stands the test of time, steer clear of pastel pinks and go for a more muted, pale pink shade, like this Sulking Room Pink from Farrow and Ball.

Turquoise Kids Room

Turquoise Kids Room

Another color that we love and that you can see here in two tones. We recommend choosing a light aquamarine shade for larger surfaces, as a deep turquoise can be too much, and we want to achieve a relaxing environment. It combines very well with coral, yellow, and warm neutral colors such as beige or sand.

Gray for the walls of a children’s room

Gray for the walls of a children's room

Light gray tones are ideal for the walls of a children’s room with a Scandinavian style. Combine it with natural wood furniture or white accessories to create the perfect environment, and don’t fail to add a touch of color with the decoration and textiles. A very relaxing and very stylish room!

A blue children’s bedroom

A blue children's bedroom

Another classic color for the rooms of the little ones, which does not stop being ideal. The secret to choosing the perfect blue to paint the walls is not to get carried away by the brightest but to opt for slightly more muted tones. We must remember that it will be occupying a fairly large space, and we do not want to end up saturated.

Sand-colored bedroom walls

Sand-colored bedroom walls

A darker color than beige and less yellowish, sand-colored paint will look great on the walls of a child’s room. Avoid beige and yellows, which age the space, and opt for these more modern neutral tones that are the perfect canvas for any color decoration. Very relaxing!

Paint the kid’s room green

Paint the kid's room green

Saying that you paint the walls green, like this in general, is quite a risk. There are many shades of green, and most of them we do not imagine on the walls with good results. This, however, Farrow and Ball’s Breakfast Room Green color is perfect. A cheerful and intense green, but with a tone that is dull enough not to be strident and to withstand the passing of the years very well.

Children’s bedroom with white walls

Children's bedroom with white walls

The color that we will never tire of is also perfect for painting the walls of a children’s bedroom. White may seem bland at first glance, but it undeniably provides the perfect background for any type of color in the rest of the decoration. With brightly colored textiles, accessories, and toys, a white painted background will never look bad in the children’s room.