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How to Decorate Your First “Together Home” After The Wedding

Wedding planning often seems like an endless and tiring task. There are a lot of things that you need to take care of like selecting a wedding dress, finding the right venue, buying the wedding rings, etc. While wedding designers and online stores like EraGem make shopping for wedding venues and bridal jewelry easier, planning a wedding is still a lot of work. However, if you think that all your challenges are over once the wedding is done, you couldn’t be more wrong. Decorating your first “together home” is sometimes even more difficult than planning the wedding! Finding a common ground despite many differences in styles and opinions is a bigger challenge that couples face after the wedding. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your fist home after the wedding.

Learn Each Other’s Likes and Dislikes

Communication is very important in a marriage. However, it’s equally important for couples to have a good communication when designing their home. Talk freely with each other about your vision and dreams for your home. Learn each other’s styles and get to know your requirements. You can also make a list of your what you want and compare it. This way it becomes easy to identify and communicate your priorities to your partner. Also, an open discussion in the beginning ensures there are minimal conflicts and differences down the road.

Accept Your Differences

When two different people come together, there are bound to be difference of opinions. Even if you’re very similar to each other, there can still be many things on which you disagree. But the important thing is to learn to accept your differences. This is true even in case of decorating the home. You may find that you don’t like the décor style that your partner favors or your partner doesn’t like the furniture that you like. There can many difference of opinions on matters related to interior décor, furnishings, room layout, etc. You should learn to accept them and learn to compromise to live happily together.

Make A List of Things

Decorating a home often requires a lot of expense. However, spending money recklessly is also not a good thing either. It is better to know what you need and spend accordingly. Also, wedding gifts often contain things that couples may need for their new homes. So, wasting money in buying things that you’ve already received as gifts also doesn’t make sense. Instead, you should make an inventory of all the things you need for your home and everything you have received as gifts. List everything that you can think of and then compare the lists. This will help you find out what you already have and what you still need to buy.

Personalize Your Bedroom

You may decorate your entire home in the interior style you both like. However, the bedroom is your zone. It is the place you both will share. Hence, bedroom decor should also be such that both of you like it. While interior style and décor items help, the best way to make a bedroom your own is to personalize it. You can select items that you both like to decorate the room. But, you should also add things that are special to each of you separately. Add wedding photos and things from your personal collection. And even if you don’t like something your partner has, try to be more open-minded and accepting.

Relive Your Happy Memories

Newly married couples often put up their wedding pics on their walls to relive the magical moments again. And it is a very good idea from décor point-of-view too. Putting up your wedding pics in your new home can bring that romantic newlywed feel to the home. And even after some years have passed, these pics will help you relive your wedding day and revisit your love and excitement during the early days of your marriage.

Whether it is living together or decorating a home together, all married couples have to go through a lot of tough times. Learning to adjust with your partner in the beginning of the marriage can help you live a long and happy life together.