Home Decor for You to Stay on Top of Top Trends

Home Decor for You to Stay on Top of Top Trends

A new year inspires changes in life and, why not, in the house? Check out the trends that can help you in renewal.

With the turn of the year we make countless promises involving love, health, work and, above all, changes. New year, new life… right? So why not put our house on that list too? Discover the main decoration trends.

When renovations are so important, we can take some time to think about transforming our home and the way we live. After all, our home is not just four meaningless walls–it shelters and represents us.

From Pantone to renowned design and architecture professionals, everyone is already tuned in to the forecasts for the biggest decor trends. We’ve put together the coolest ones for you to check out and decide which one suits you best. One of them can be chosen to transform your home!

Decoration Color Trends

We know that one of the most practical ways to change your home is to invest in new colors. The trick is as simple as painting one or more walls. To be a little more daring, it is always worth buying new pillows or covers, and even changing from bed linen to sofa upholstery. Home décor trends revolve around everything from hues that have fallen in fashion in the fashion world to specific combinations of nuances and patterns.

Deep green

Deep green 1

Green is pop! A specific tone dominated the internet as a great bet for success in decoration. It was the green night watch, defined as the color of the year by the PPG Paints brand. No wonder he was chosen: before, he was already drawing attention outside the walls at events such as the Milan Furniture Salon, in design pieces such as armchairs and sofa.

Deep green 2

Because of it, other dark shades of green also gained prominence in the home decor. Besides them, everything they represent: the reconnection with nature, the natural tranquility that the tone conveys and the sophistication of its depth.

Deep green 3

Did you find it difficult to match? It is not! That kind of tone allows for many possibilities. You might prefer to highlight a wall with it, accompanied by a painting and a stylish bar trolley with gold accents, for example. It gets a sophisticated air with this metal. It is also possible to go for the rustic side, betting on more natural materials such as rattan in objects from the environment, as well as lots of wood. Besides neutral tones, this green can come with yellow and pink.

Deep green 4

Deep green 5

Deep green 6

It even appears in the kitchen! The best photos have it in the closets, with white walls and details or gold, or Rose gold.

Neutral contrast

Neutral contrast 1

There’s no way neutrals go out of style. Black will always be chic, when used correctly, and white is the hallmark of the walls of every home. And what about gray then? Practical and stylish, it has been a big trend in recent years to bring an air of urbanity to the décor. Now, the trend involves mixing all these shades in order to create beautiful contrasts.

Neutral contrast 2

The beauty is in the clash between the black wall, the light gray sofa and the white pillows, for example. The only caveat is to be careful with painting walls in sombre tones, which can make the decor heavy and even make the room feel smaller. When in doubt, the best option is to always bet on a single wall as a highlight–or else, to come with everything in the game of contrasts, in the split painting!

Neutral contrast 3

Neutral contrast 4

You can even take advantage of trends in specific environments. Black, for example, is in vogue in kitchens. Mainly in household appliances, with a matte finish . They look even more amazing in an environment full of contrast.

Reddish nuances

Reddish nuances 1

It does not leave the elegance of reds out of trends. Quite the opposite: several of them will appear with everything in the home decor. The burgundy, for example, is a bet to replace the traditional bright red, carrying all the passion and vivacity of this color. It conveys a little less of the energy that makes red also considered the color of anxiety. Therefore, it is more sophisticated and elegant than the tone from which they derived it.

Reddish nuances 2

Reddish nuances 3

Last year, terracotta was reborn. It left ceramics and ended up also in paints and fabrics. It appears through the apricot. Color is a softer alternative to reds. Unlike burgundy, it has a more classic feel. With the right combinations you can create anything from a boho atmosphere to a rustic house. Great bet with kilim rugs , pots of all sizes and plants.

Reddish nuances 4

Reddish nuances 5

Trends for objects

Decor trends are cyclical, meaning that many of them come and go over the years. This is even more common when we talk about patterns and shapes of furniture and coverings. An outstanding example are subway tiles , small white bricks that have shaken the décor in recent years, rescued as vintage pearls. For home décor, some things go away and others return. This is the case of the organic curves that helped to characterize art novae.

Organic forms

Organic forms 1

Organic forms 2

Organic forms 3

Organic forms 4

This year, you can say goodbye to straight-line designs. As in the universe of colors, I have valued more everything inspired by nature. We rarely find many squares and rectangles in the natural, right? Organic shapes come to dominate furniture design. Therefore, they appear with smooth curves, whether they are simple rounded edges or half moon sofas.

Pattern mix

Pattern mix 1

It’s also time to use the prints without fear. It is unnecessary to use only one print. You can mix them up in fun or elegant ways, creating compositions that are sure to be more interesting.

Pattern mix 2

You can combine them from a theme or their colors. Thinking about themes, for example, if you are decorating the house on the beach, you can combine pillows with blue stripes with others with nautical graphics in red.

Pattern mix 3

Pattern mix 4

To match colors, just choose a favorite pillow and use it as the base of your palette. From there, you will define the tones of other pillows and choose prints that also have them.

Handmade pieces

Handmade pieces

Handmade pieces 1

Handmade pieces 2

Handmade pieces 3

Handmade pieces 4

Sustainability is strongly present in home decor. This year, we will see handcrafted pieces more often. Ceramics are a highlight, appearing in beautiful vases and in unique bowls and pots in the kitchen. Jute and rice paper are also two materials that stand out in this trend, easy to bring into the home through accessories of all sizes.

Featured Materials

When we talk about materials, we think on two fronts: coatings, with infinite possibilities, and furniture and object textures.



Marble 1

Marble 2

Marble 3

If you’re thinking about building a house or changing the flooring of your apartment, it’s a good idea to consider marble. It is one of the major trends in home decor. Versatile and resistant, the material never loses its elegance and can be used in light or dark shades. It is ideal for those looking for a timeless environment. Shows good taste and looks great in modern kitchens.



Have you ever heard of this coating? It gained great prominence in Milan with the resurgence of the Memphis style. It was very prominent in the 70s and 80s, but was created much earlier: it originates in Italy, used for over 500 years.

Terrazzo 1

As marble is a trend, we can say that terrazzo could not be otherwise. It’s just that it’s a composite of splinters of marble, in cement. Besides being beautiful, when using the stone pieces in its manufacture, it also becomes a sustainable coating.

Terrazzo 3

Terrazzo 4

Terrazzo 5

The combination of colors and sizes makes it look striking. Nowadays, it is even more diverse, with some pieces also made with the addition of metal and glass fragments. The polished surface is sophisticated, with modern touches because of the variety of materials and lots of personality.

It is a popular alternative to granite and concrete. It is present in furniture, such as side and coffee tables, and also on the floors of the house. Combines with rustic or sophisticated styles centered on textures and tones that resemble craftsmanship. You can also invest in wallpaper that imitates the material.

Mix of metals

Mix of metals

Mix of metals 11

Mix of metals 10

Mix of metals 7

Mix of metals 5

Mix of metals 4

Mix of metals 2

Mix of metals 1

The rose gold was once the king of metallic tones. Although he remains a darling, especially in romantic decor, in home decor shares his throne. We see more and more metals combined.

The mix brings more dimension and variety to the decor. A luminaire with copper details, for example, inhabits the same environment as golden knobs, in perfect harmony.

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