Helpful and Friendly Ideas for Small Kitchen Decor

Did you know that choosing the furniture and objects that make up the home well is essential for the well-being of your family? The challenge of decorating a small kitchen requires good humor and wisdom.

After all, the environment has appliances that by themselves take up a lot of space. In addition, the room needs to have excellent air circulation and storage space.

The good news is that, with a few simple tricks, you can have a friendly, tidy, and cozy tiny kitchen. For this, it is essential to use the space as a whole — including the ceiling.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! Next, we’ll show you unique ideas for decorating your kitchen and creating a beautiful environment. Follow up!

Invest in custom furniture

Made-to-measure furniture is excellent for all environments, including those with small dimensions. In addition to promoting a flawless finish and a perfect harmony in space, they meet most specificities.

Functional furniture is excellent allies. Caster cabinets can be stored under the workbench. Or you can opt for a retractable bench, for example, that can be pulled back after a quick meal.

So, investing in this furniture is a great option to take advantage of all the available space in your kitchen. You can hire a designer, an interior designer, or design the decor yourself. For that, all it takes is good planning and a measuring tape. Then, take your project to a qualified professional.

Explore the room vertically

Having too many cabinets or shelves can make your kitchen cluttered and tumultuous. Therefore, investing in furniture in the highest part of the room is one of the best strategies to gain storage space without compromising circulation.

In addition to being more organized, the environment becomes clean and cozy. One option is to leave the pans and other more colorful objects on display to complement and give a special touch to the decor.

Bet on light colors

You may not even know it, but light colors — predominantly white — help the room look bigger. This is because they reflect light more and give the idea of ​​amplitude. For this reason, whenever possible, choose furniture and appliances that have neutral tones and bet on colorful decor items to add charm to the kitchen.

A great tip is to invest in vinyl wallpapers. Washable, these coatings are ideal for the kitchen as they are practical and easy to clean. It is a great dilemma for those who want to decorate their home without spending too much or facing the inconvenience of work.

Purchase stools

If your goal is to save space, forget about chairs! Charming, the stools fit under the table, and some models are even foldable. To give a modern feel to the environment, it’s worth opting for colored benches.

By the way, the table is also an item that deserves your attention: opt for narrow and miniature models. Leave larger models for other rooms, like the living room, for example. If you fancy, there is also the possibility of leaving the table aside and investing in a counter for everyday meals.

Prioritize the organization

Want to make space in your kitchen? So, it must always be tidy. Having a nice and organized house directly interferes with people’s moods. So, please don’t leave the dishes piled up in the sink. Wash them as soon as you use them. Avoid keeping untidy objects on display in cupboards, and also don’t keep food stuffed in fruit bowls and shelves.

Furthermore, it is essential to sectorize objects to facilitate organization. Set aside pots, cutlery, plates, glasses, bowls, and so on. If your closet doesn’t have enough dividers for good ordering, buy pieces that divide the furniture inside.

In addition to making the decoration more harmonious – and, consequently, beautiful -, organizing the objects in the kitchen will make your routine easier. That way, whenever you need to find something, you don’t have to take every item out of the closet!

Invest in a perforated panel

Another tip for decorating a small kitchen is to invest in a pegboard, better known as a perforated panel. It is nothing more than a thin wooden structure with several holes that allow hooks to hang tools and utensils.

Because they are fragile and easy to install, they work very well in small environments. You can hang up your entire culinary arsenal and have everything close at hand. If you want to customize it, paint it your favorite color and outline each object on the panel as Julia Child did.

Choose reflective surfaces

When it comes to designing, there is a multitude of materials with the most diverse indications. Those with reflective finishes, such as mirrors or glass, are great allies for small rooms.

These surfaces reflect the light that falls on the place and, thus, give the impression that the environment is more significant than it is. You don’t need to put mirror doors on cabinets. That’s not it but go for something that has a subtle reflective property.

Use built-in appliances

Most household appliances available on the market offer versions adapted to be built-in. This makes you gain some space and practicality. The finish is excellent! It is a perfect option to decorate your kitchen in an elegant, balanced, and clean way.

Another tip is if you like to watch TV while cooking, place the appliance in a niche between the furniture, on the wall.

Count on good lighting

A decoration is not complete if you forget about the lighting. In addition to its functional usefulness, it can also help to expand the environment. A good lighting design can make all the difference in your kitchen.

The ideal for the kitchen is to mix at least two different types of light. The cold color lamps (white), when you need to perform an activity that requires more concentration, such as preparing food. And those in warm colors (yellow), for those calmer and cozier moments, such as a romantic dinner or with friends. The great idea is to have some spots under the cabinets. They highlight objects and have a fantastic effect!

Decorating your home is not only a way to make it more beautiful and inviting but also a way to bring more quality of life and well-being to you and your entire family. In this way, go to great lengths to bring your style and personality into the home. This is the best way to have a place that suits you!

We hope this article on decorating a small kitchen was helpful to you.

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