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Headgear at Home: Take Advantage of the Space in Your Lobby

Having a hat shop at home is a trend brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Know what it is, what are the advantages and care and how to assemble one! Architecture and interior design follow the transformations and events of society. Currently, for example, having a hat shop at home is a trend that is increasingly sought after by those who are designing a new home or thinking about a renovation.

The pandemic brought the need to have a hat shop at home

Having a hat shop has everything to do with the new habits brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a fact that the new coronavirus has changed and will continue to change homes. The health crisis made the home to be seen in a different way by its residents.

In addition to staying more at home, people need to be more careful with hygiene issues, to avoid contamination and spread of the virus. After all, even with the start of the vaccination campaign, it will be necessary to live with Covid-19. According to experts, it will not be eliminated, only controlled.

Headgear in the lobby helps people keep coronaviruses and other disease-causing viruses and bacteria indoors. That’s because the space serves to deposit shoes and other possibly contaminated objects right at the entrance.

Keep reading this article and learn more about this new trend for home environments!

Learn more about headgear and its functions

The hat shop ‘s functions go far beyond simply storing hats

Despite its name, a hat shop is not just a place to store hats. In addition to head accessories, this space in the entrance hall can be used to store all the objects that someone carries when they leave the house. This is the case of shoes, coats, bags, umbrellas, wallets, keys and jewelry, among other items.

It is quite common for restaurants, nightclubs, concert halls and other establishments of this type to have hat shops. This way, customers can leave their personal belongings in this space while enjoying the environment with more freedom. Then, when it’s time to leave, they remove their belongings from there and don’t run the risk of losing or forgetting something, for example.

Now, due to the pandemic, hat making has also become a trend in residential projects. This is because it is interesting to deposit objects that come from the street and may be contaminated in this space. In addition, by acquiring the habit of leaving some items in place, you prevent your house from getting messy throughout the week.

Let’s face it, it’s much more elegant to hang a coat on a hook in the foyer than to leave it on the back of a chair or armchair, would you? These and other reasons make hatmaking so interesting for homes. So consider using it in your current and future projects!

See the main advantages of having a cloakroom in the lobby

A hat shop brings several benefits to the residents of a residence

Having a headgear can be very beneficial for your home. Below are the main benefits of including this space in your renovation or construction.


When we leave the house, we are exposed to all kinds of viruses, bacteria and other contaminants. These micro-organisms are usually found in objects that we carry or pieces of clothing that are more exposed, such as coats.

However, if you have a hat shop and store these items in this space when you enter your home, you will avoid bringing diseases that can affect you and your family.

Furthermore, it is possible to avoid making the house dirty. Imagine, for example, that you went for a walk in the park. In this case, your shoes may carry dirt, sand and other dirt. Having a space to leave shoes at the entrance, the dirt does not spread to all the rooms.


The cloakroom makes the entrance hall very functional. After all, space is extremely useful, as we’ve seen so far.

What’s more, you can combine functionality with aesthetics by investing in beautiful furniture and accessories for your lobby.


There is no doubt that your home will be very organized with a hat shop. In addition to not leaving objects lying around, it will be easier to find them when they are needed.

You’ll never have to look around to find your car keys again before leaving the house, for example.

Understand the care necessary to have a hat shop at home

It is important to take some precautions to get the most out of the hat shop

Having a headgear at home also requires care and attention. Note some of the main points in the sequence.


Using furniture in the lobby is important to ensure the headgear’s functionality. However, you must be careful with quantities and measures so as not to hinder circulation.

It is necessary to ensure that the passage to the other areas of the house occurs easily, without the hat shop becoming an obstacle in daily life.


It is also necessary to maintain a clean and organized routine in your hat shop. After all, it will keep many objects that can come dirty from the street, such as shoes.

A good idea is to bet on coverings that are easy to clean, considering that the room requires constant cleaning. The porcelain is known for being easy to sanitize and does not require much maintenance.


In times of pandemic, your hat shop at home also needs to have a corner to sanitize newcomers. You can leave a small table or shelf with a bottle of 70% alcohol gel and a pack of baby wipes, among other items.

In this way, those who arrive at home can eliminate possible contaminants and guarantee the protection of the whole family.

Check out the main items to organize your headwear at home

The headgear must be well equipped to keep everything clean and organized

When decorating and organizing your headgear, you can use your imagination and create a totally unique environment.

To help you on this quest, we’ve listed some items that can be used to organize this corner of the house. Look!


Having a stool in the cloakroom can be helpful for people to sit down to put on or take off their shoes more easily before leaving or entering the house.


In hat shops, shoe racks are used to accommodate the shoes most frequently used by the family. They can also keep the slippers and slippers used to stay at home.


Chapeleira can also be a place to relax and read a book

Macaws, hangers and hooks are very important for hanging coats, jackets, bags, backpacks, hats, caps and other items. Everything is much more organized with these accessories.


Sideboards are excellent options for optimizing and decorating the space. They can be arranged with containers to store small items such as a wallet, keys and jewelry. They can also hold decorative objects such as vases, sculptures, picture frames, etc.


Umbrella holders are essential so that the house does not become a real mess on rainy days. Those who come home with a wet accessory can put it in an appropriate place, without splashing water on the floor.


Having a mirror in the headgear is also a good idea. With it, you can take a last look at the look before leaving the house, fix your hair, touch up your makeup, etc.

In addition, the mirrors give a feeling of spaciousness to the environments, which can be very interesting for small spaces like the entrance hall.

Headgear at home is a trend that should be increasingly seen. Certainly, it is worth giving this utility to the entrance hall, which will become a very functional space.

In addition to architecture and interior design, Covid-19 also brought changes to urbanism.