Halloween Decorations

Halloween Is Coming: 20 Simple Yet Dazzling Decor Ideas

Gauze garlands, black paper flowers, home terrarium … If you weren’t planning on decorating your home for Halloween, it’s time to change your plans.

Halloween is about to come and you haven’t figured out how to decorate your house yet? We have selected some interesting decor ideas, the props for which you can easily find in your closet. And you don’t even have to go to the store 🙂

1. “Very scary” garland

Very scary garland

Making such a garland is easy: you need a pack of gauze (you can buy it at the pharmacy), twine, threads with a needle, and black beads. Form the silhouettes of ghosts from small scraps of fabric, sew eyes on them and fasten to a string. Done!

2. Home terrarium

Home terrarium

Toy frogs and beetles are great for creating an impromptu terrarium: place them in regular curling jars and add branches and moss.

3. Thematic candlesticks

Thematic candlesticks

Do not throw away used baby purees, sauces, and preserves glass jars. Cover them inside with orange acrylic paint, then twist from the wire.

The final and main touch is the silhouettes of faces made of black paper. After the holiday, you can remove the stickers and continue using the candlesticks.

4. Picture with print

Picture with print

It’s not for five minutes, but it’s worth it: create a cool art object using nails and thread. Choose any shape: a skull, a pumpkin, a bird, and the weaving technology can be “spied” on youtube.

5. Spiders on the door

Spiders on the door

Start scaring guests from the doorway: the rubber spiders near the door handle will cope with this task – the glow-in-the-dark paint will help enhance the effect. You can fix the parts with double-sided tape.

6. Gauze web

Gauze web

Subdued light, mystical music, a spider web hanging from above – if you want to create such an atmosphere, stock up on gauze: it needs to be torn and fixed to the ceiling.

7. Bottle labels

Bottle labels

For those who like to think through every detail, themed labels are a great find. Pictures can be made in Photoshop or you can download ready-made free templates on the Internet – all you have to do is print them and stick them on bottles.

8. Multicoloured pumpkins

Multicolored pumpkins

Who said pumpkins should only be orange? Cover them with a light base paint and gently pour some bright paint on top. We also have detailed painting instructions .

9. Black balloon

Black balloon

A banal white balloon can be easily turned into a stylish decoration for a party by covering it with organza or black gas.

10. Masks for paintings and photographs

Masks for paintings and photographs

Everyone wears masks at the Venice Carnival: why not carry that tradition to a Halloween-themed party too? Let the characters in the paintings and photographs also match the thematic dress code.

11. Paper ball pumpkins

Paper ball pumpkins

Paper balls, which are used to decorate children’s parties, will also come in handy at your party. Glue their eyes and mouth out of black paper to make the balls turn into funny pumpkins.

12. Gothic candles

Gothic candles

It is not necessary to look for black candles especially for the holiday; you can make them yourself. Stock up on regular white IKEA candles, black paint and lace ribbons. Attach them to a wax surface, paint over and let the pattern dry.

13. Black and white pumpkins

Black and white pumpkins

Acrylic paint can be applied by hand or with a stencil – both are fine.

14. Soap with beetles

Soap with beetles

Guests will definitely appreciate this joke: you will need plastic or rubber insect figurines and a transparent soap base.

15. Ghost Chair Cloak

Ghost Chair Cloak

A simple but effective idea that kids will definitely love.

16. Candle Bottles

Candle Bottles

Turn dark wine bottles into taper holders. Light them a little ahead of time to melt the wax nicely.

17. Pumpkin mummy

Pumpkin mummy

Option for those preparing for the holiday at the last minute. You don’t need to paint or cut anything – just wrap the pumpkin with gauze like a mummy. Don’t forget to glue the black paper eye sockets. And keep the pumpkin away from the candles.

18. Glass stickers

Glass stickers

Decorate the window or glass inserts in the door with silhouettes of houses, ghosts, pumpkins – this decor will look interesting when the light is on.

19. “Living” objects

Living objects

For suspicious guests, prepare your eyes for furniture, flowers, and lamps. It looks funny, and you can buy them in almost any sewing store.

20. Black houses

Black houses

For table decor or a thematic composition, miniature houses will come in handy. And here, too, you need black paint – buy it in reserve.