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Gourmet Balcony Ideas You Need to Know to Decorate

Gourmet Balcony 2

Projects are becoming more and more daring and come in all available sizes. That way, it’s even easier to find apartments and houses that offer a gourmet balcony. This extra space is great for gathering friends, family and sharing good times with special people.


Initially, the gourmet area was meant to give that touch of modernity, style, and decoration of the upgrade projects. Thus, to incorporate this place into your home with great elegance, you need to consider all the decorative parts. Check out some tips on how to decorate it according to your personality.

The environment and styles

The environment and styles 1

There are several decor options to structure a small gourmet balcony – or even more comprehensive. The rustic style, for example, refers to the purpose of being cozy and comfortable. A space that follows this line is based on raw pieces in wood, iron, and exposed brick.

Another aesthetic that is also welcome on gourmet balconies is navy, which brings the feel of the coastal regions. In this option, the resident can bet on bolder furniture and decoration items, similar to kiosks mounted on the sand, in addition to natural materials such as straw, rattan, jute, linen, and cotton.

The environment and styles 1

For lovers of tile coverings, you can find many options in colors, styles, and textures that can fit your decor style. In addition, the tablets are practical items to add a touch of color to the environment.

It is worth noting that the recommendation to preserve the balcony is that the balcony is closed with the famous glass curtains. In addition to making the place modern and elegant, it protects the environment from rain and wind and allows natural lighting to pass through the entire house.

Choose the right furniture

Choose the right furniture 1

Avoid gourmet porch furniture that is covered in non-waterproof fabrics. In addition to not having protection from rain and sunlight, they can end up picking up the smell of smoke and even getting stained with the splash of food and drink.

One recommendation is to invest in furniture made from wood protected from sunlight and humidity, especially if the balcony is open. Other good options are polypropylene, acrylic, straw, stainless steel, rattan, and synthetic fiber. If you choose iron parts, ensure an anti-rust finish.

Choose the right furniture 1

Among the items that can be part of your gourmet balcony is the countertop. This is a great piece, especially for smaller apartments, as it works as a table. In addition, it works as a support for food preparation.

As it is a space for meals and meeting friends, remember that the furniture on the balcony should not interfere with the circulation and interaction of those who are in the environment. Therefore, it is worth betting on the number of chairs and upholstery in the area, but if the space is smaller, investing in benches or even garden seats is an alternative.

Decor for a gourmet balcony

Decor for a gourmet balcony

Several items can make up the gourmet porch decor. The list goes through paintings, dishes, clocks, and everything else that matches your style. In addition to betting on the pieces, it’s worth investing in shelves and niches to help organize and beautify at the same time.

Plants are indispensable. Remember to include them to make the environment more homely and cozy. While the decor is essential, the gourmet porch also needs to be functional and multitasking. This means that appliances must be arranged and distributed in the area for ease of use and handling.

Decor for a gourmet balcony 1

A minibar, a wine cellar, a barbecue, or an oven can make the space more practical. In addition to being a socializing space, the place is also a space in the house that can become ideal for you to set up a home bar, as we have already explained in this publication, and have the space you need to have your favorite drink with people specials.

In this case, you can choose to include a fully equipped cabinet with doors and drawers to prepare drinks. In smaller spaces, a sideboard is also an excellent option for having areas of the right size to place all the items that will be needed.

Gourmet Balcony 2

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