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Get Inspired by Leroy Merlin Carpet, Choose Yours

Choosing home textiles is a difficult task, because it is an important detail to help us dress up the house. In this case, we will see carpets sold by Leroy Merlin, this shop provides us with various household items. In the decoration part, we will see all kinds of things, including parts with various flavors on the carpet.

The Leroy Merlin rugs follow the trend and they also have many qualities. In this section, we can enjoy various ideas to decorate the floor of the house and make it more popular. You only need to choose the type of carpet you want in each room.

Modern carpet

We can find a pattern in which many of Leroy Merlin is a modern carpet . If your house is modern, you will find many ideas. For example, in this carpet, we found a very artistic feeling, which reminds us of some popular styles of painting, in which lines and tones all play a role. The result is a touch of color in an environment of basic tones and simple lines. The carpet becomes the protagonist, but in the same style as the room.

Nostalgic Leroy Merlin rug

Vintage carpet

In this case, we see another rug that looks great in a retro-style environment . For this type of furniture, we also like Persian carpets because they have a retro style and can be well matched with the furniture. Large-sized carpets were chosen here, usually those purchased in areas such as the living room. However, in Leroy Merlin, you can search by section and find elongated carpets for corridors, smaller carpets for bedrooms or special carpets for kitchens or bathrooms.

Beautiful Berber carpet

Berber carpet

Such black and white carpet is sweeping the Nordic wind, and they have all the elements for such environments. In this case, we saw a very beautiful carpet, very suitable for summer use, but some carpets are thick and long, but warmer. These carpets are inspired by Berber carpets, but they have a modern feel. They have simple black geometric lines, beautiful patterns and natural backgrounds. Their small color is very suitable for Nordic style, but also suitable for other types of environments. They are beautiful and easy to assemble.

National style in your home

Ethnic style carpet

If your business is ethnic, don’t hesitate to get that kind of carpet with much brighter colors and give the space personality. In this case, we have a rug that looks very old, with worn and changing tones. The carpet looks great on white floors because it stands out even more, although it can also be used on wooden floors. In these types of spaces, Persian style rugs are also ideal.

Leroy Merlin Children’s Rug

Children’s carpet

There is an internal carpet style specifically for children. For kindergarten, we have very special ideas. They are brightly colored, soft carpets, and can also draw beautiful pictures, like a giraffe with flowers. Children like colorful environments. In this case, Leroy Merlin came up with a great idea to add color to the child’s room.

Outdoor carpet

The outdoor carpet refers to the carpet used in areas such as terraces or balconies to create a more welcoming environment. These carpets usually use weather-resistant materials and use materials such as vinyl to adapt to the climate. They have a simple design and are very suitable for our outdoor furniture.

Natural jute carpet

The other most common trend in recent years has to do with returning to nature, even involving decoration. In all types of environments, jute carpets are widely used. They can be mixed with wicker baskets, wooden furniture and plants to avoid adding too much color, because the most basic condition is that the environment should look as natural as possible. Jute rugs come in many shapes and sizes and can be used in the living room or bedroom.

Simple carpet

Minimalism is a very modern style. Therefore, we can find carpets in these environments. For example, this is perfect for the smallest living room with basic tones and a very simple design. If you are looking for something modern, you can also find it in Leroy Merlin rugs.

Carpets that create a chic atmosphere

Chic carpet

Lo is chic and re-popular, with a certain retro atmosphere. We can see this in such a space. In this room, we also found a beautiful carpet with flowers printed on it. Another great idea to renovate the floor of the house.