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Functionality and Harmony of Porcelain Threshold in Environments

The porcelain threshold, as well as those made with other types of materials, is the piece that makes the transition between environments. This is because it is installed, most of the time, on the doorframes. Using the threshold guarantees a detail that makes all the difference in the aesthetics of a project. Remember that there is no rule regarding the color or material type of this component. It all depends on several factors such as the style of decoration.

For those who want more functionality and harmony in the environments, the use of the threshold is very indicated. Below, we will present a series of tips and important information about the piece. Read on and see how to make a difference in your projects.

See how the porcelain threshold can bring much more harmony and functionality to your environments.

Understand what the threshold is and what it is for

The threshold helps to demarcate the division of environments

The threshold is a piece that has existed for a long time in architectural projects. Usually made of marble, granite or wood, it is placed on the floor of doors.

With a strip format, in most cases the threshold is the same width as the jamb, but this is not necessarily a rule.

The purpose of the threshold is to demarcate the division between one room and another on the floor. It also serves to mark the gaps between environments, making a beautiful and elegant finish.

Among the main advantages of using the threshold is the ease of cleaning and locomotion for residents.

Currently, porcelain tiles have been widely used to make thresholds. After all, the material has excellent qualities, such as durability, easy cleaning, resistance, among many others you already know.

See 5 tips and ways to use the porcelain threshold

The porcelain threshold can be applied according to your creativity

So that you can take full advantage of the porcelain tile floor and be able to create amazing environments, we list a series of tips and ways to use the piece. Check out!


The main function of the threshold is to mark the separation of the environments

So that the decoration made with the coating becomes even more interesting and functional, finishes can be made on the sides of the porcelain tile threshold.

In a house, for example, where the threshold makes the boundary between the internal and external areas, the finishing must be done on the outside.

Finish should be square on the outside. As for the part that goes to the internal environment, there is no need to do the same thing. After all, the threshold will touch the floor covering.


Not all situations require finishing on the porcelain floor. This is the case when both sides of the door are coated.

An example of this can be seen when the piece is used to demarcate the division between a bedroom and a bathroom, for example.


Although the threshold is a piece that has a specific purpose, which is to separate environments, it can also be used in other situations.

Every architect or designer can use their creativity to use porcelain tile cuts in whatever way they see fit. Nothing prevents, for example, a wall from being covered with several thresholds, forming a kind of mosaic.

Even furniture can be decorated with thresholds. However, before applying, it is necessary to check if the furniture material is able to be coated with porcelain.


In indoor environments, you can choose not to use thresholds on the doors

In interior decoration projects, the threshold is optional. However, a trend seen in many shows and fairs in the area is that the piece has been used in a smaller size, that is, thinner.


If you like the aesthetic result of the porcelain tile threshold, choose an overtone that matches the wood of the door or the color of the skirting lining .

You can use a lighter or darker wood tone, a different shade of porcelain cut, etc.

Learn how to apply a porcelain threshold

When applying sills made of materials such as granite, it is important that this piece defines the rest of the floor level.

This is because granite is taller. In this way, first the threshold is laid and then the subfloor is completed.

In the case of the porcelain floor, the entire subfloor can be on the same level. The only indication is to set the part before applying the stops and other wooden parts of the door.

The application can be before or after coating the floor. However, if you choose to lay the subfloor first, care must be taken to leave the exact measure for the threshold. After all, the piece is already cut to a fixed size.

To make the laying of the piece, use adhesive mortar , according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Discover porcelain threshold

Portobello offers porcelain tile thresholds in different sizes and colors

Officina Portobello manufactures porcelain thresholds, which are cut into specific sizes and can be purchased at Portobello Shop stores.

The Portobello porcelain sills are available in the following sizes:

  • 14×90 cm

  • 12×90 cm

  • 14×120 cm

  • 12×120 cm

The colors and shades are the most diverse and you can consult the entire portfolio online.

However, it is worth remembering that the client can also choose to make the cut with the porcelain tile setter himself, on the job.

In this case, however, the finish will be a little different, considering that, in the work, there is no fixed marble saw or a water jet cut. This can leave some chip or detail that makes it visible that the piece was cut, for example.

The porcelain threshold, in short, is a sophisticated finish that can make all the difference in your projects. Use them and bring more harmony and functionality to environments.