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Fancy Tips to Brighten Your Kitchen Well

Lighting For A Narrow Kitchen

Kitchens are environments created especially for work. Excellent kitchen lighting is essential to perform daily culinary tasks very well.

Tips To Brighten Your Kitchen Well

Tips To Brighten Your Kitchen Well 1

Your kitchen may already be the best in the world, but it is useless if it is not properly lit. Few situations are more uncomfortable than trying to cook food in a bad light and having to fight with shadows that do not allow the food you are going to cook to look well. Therefore, here are some tips so that your kitchen has the best possible lighting.

You must study the natural light that your kitchen has and try to illuminate it. Do you have a large space and a large window? Or on the contrary, is your kitchen lacking space and has no outside access?

So you must plan the lighting with care and combine natural and artificial light very well, ensuring that there are no hidden areas. You always have to see a general light that really facilitates the vision as a whole and it should be distributed through the use of spotlights.

Tips To Brighten Your Kitchen Well 2

You have to make sure that all the work and enjoyment areas have their own light: table, plates, countertop, island or peninsula. You must think very well about what you like to do in the kitchen and according to that light up each area you use. You have to pay special attention to those areas where you handle food with knives, fire, etc.

On the market, there are specific lights so that you can install them in the high modules that will help you direct the lighting with great precision and achieve a safe work area. And do not skimp on wall lights, as they are ideal for lighting.

Tips To Brighten Your Kitchen Well 3

Play with different light intensities: try to create warmer areas through the use of indirect lighting, work areas through the use of LED technology (which guarantees you to perceive the colours of food very well) and more fun areas using the lights to decorate.

Tips To Brighten Your Kitchen Well 4

Do you respect the environment? Then you should choose low consumption lights: of course, they have a high price, but you will be able to protect and take care of the planet earth by spending only the necessary energy and at the same time you will save in the long term since they last longer. They even provide less heat, something essential when cooking.

Tips To Brighten Your Kitchen Well 5

Discover the interior lights installed in cabinets and drawers: they are really very useful to find what we are looking for the first time. They are low consumption and long life, and the most important thing is that they turn on through a motion sensor.

Tips To Brighten Your Kitchen Well 6

How To Choose Lighting For Your Kitchen?

The cooking area often has a cooker hood light for better visibility. In the kitchen, it is essential that you choose models that are made of steel or glass because they are the easiest and fastest to clean.

How To Choose Lighting For Your Kitchen

The lighting for your kitchen depends, above all, on the areas it has. For example, in the area of ​​the sink and preparation of dishes, you must have plenty of light since it is the area in which food is handled before cooking and sharp objects are used, such as knives or scissors. For this reason, for this area, it is important that you have a powerful and direct light such as the ones that the light strips or LED strips under the tall units can provide.

The tall units are ideal support to install light fixtures on them. Believe it or not, the lighting inside the cabinets helps to project a warm and distinguished atmosphere quite well, while also highlighting the interior.

How To Choose Lighting For Your Kitchen 1

Finally, in the eating area, because it is more decorative and functional, it is recommended to use a warm and ambient light that really matches the style of the kitchen. Hanging lamps made of steel or glass are advisable here because they are very easy to clean.

So, if you choose pendant lamps it is very important that you place or install them at seventy or eighty centimetres so that the light does not dazzle.

How To Choose Lighting For Your Kitchen 2

What Is The Best Lighting For A Narrow Kitchen?

If your kitchen only has one point of light on the ceiling, I recommend that you do the following:

What Is The Best Lighting For A Narrow Kitchen

  • Install lights in other places, it can be under the cabinets, because tall cabinets can generate annoying leftovers when working in the kitchen.

  • Use LED panels. It is a type of ceiling lighting and the same lamp allows you the option of being surface-mounted, hanging or recessed in a false ceiling. Visually it looks like a skylight or generally called a luminous window because its dimensions range between 50 x 50 cm and 90 x 50 cm and its LED light is evenly distributed.

What Is The Best Lighting For A Narrow Kitchen 1

An excellent way to illuminate your narrow kitchen is by using strips under the furniture, these are discreet, easy to install, without the need to be screwed and also help to take care of the environment because they have very low energy consumption.

The most important thing about the strips is that they help to highlight the elegance of your kitchen because it is a type of lighting that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is essential that this type of light is hidden so that it does not dazzle and become annoying.

What Is The Best Lighting For A Narrow Kitchen 2