Fancy Ideas to Decorate a Library at Home

Are readings rather than movies your favorite type of leisure? Do you lose track of time when you immerse yourself in a detective story? Don’t know how to organize the entire collection of books you have? If the answer to the questions presented is “yes”, then having a library at home is what you want, right? If once again the answer was yes, then you don’t need a lot of arguments to read our tips for decorating a library.

1. Built-in shelves

Optimize library spaces and build bookshelves built into walls or furniture. If the project is from scratch, take the opportunity to have shelves in different ways, for example, diagonally, creating an original and beautiful effect. To avoid a heavy environment, leave a compartment entirely free to expose a picture frame or decorative element.

2. Choose different furniture and objects

To have a truly original and welcoming library, there’s nothing like choosing different furniture and objects. Choose brightly colored armchairs, bold lamps and modern rugs to decorate the reading space. Decorate with decorative elements such as a bookend, a vintage flower vase and a retro telephone… all this and more are practical and different solutions for a library full of stories and personality.

3. Color injection

The library is also a space for leisure and fun, so it should receive a cheerful and harmonious decoration. If the intention is to enhance the space immediately, how about an injection of color? Like? Just organize the books on the shelves, either following the colors of the rainbow, dividing the warm from the cool or merging them. You can also concentrate female colors on one side and male colors on the other. Be creative and use this little detail in favor of visual harmony!

4. Embed the library in another division

If there is not only one space to incorporate a library in the decoration of the house, then choose to incorporate it in another room, such as the living room, bedroom, office, entrance hall. In any of these spaces you can insert a bookcase or shelves and have a beautiful and delicate library. You can also integrate books as part of the decoration, using them to support decorative elements.

5. Light as a key point

The exhibition of books in the library makes the environment, consequently, darker, so use light as a key point for a more comfortable decoration. Try to have a light-colored curtain on the windows in order to make the most of the outside light during reading times. As for the use of artificial light, opt for strategically placed light points, such as lights on the shelves, a lamp beside the sofa or armchairs, etc.

6. Use stairs

The use of stairs is very welcome for large libraries. However, it is also possible to use them as shelves to display books and magazines in a small library, just place some wooden or glass shelves on the stairs to create a useful and very original bookcase. Another space-saving option is to have it as a horizontal wall shelf.

7. Attractive walls

We know that in a library the biggest highlight goes to books, however, the walls also deserve attention. If the wall is dull or there are no resources to paint it, then dare creativity and make them as attractive as the books that are in that space. Without difficulties, you can hang a yoke or a colorful rug on one of the walls, you can also attach large and colorful post-its – here you can vary the colors by creating drawings and also writing the names of the books you read or the most interesting phrases. If you prefer something simpler, make a photo clothesline or fix modern dishes at random, creating a bold design.

8. Balance in decoration

Regardless of the amount and types of decorative elements you choose to decorate your library, remember that the set must have a balance. If you are going to use two instead of one bookcase, for example, use the symmetry in favor in the decoration. Display the shelves, one in each corner of the wall. Thus, you will have a library with visual balance and much less tiring, having a lot of disposition for hours of reading and leisure.

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