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Fancy Decor Ideas for a Modern Bathroom

Fancy Decor Ideas for a Modern Bathroom 2

One of the rooms in the house most subject to renovation is undoubtedly the bathrooms. This space in the home has always been a critical division in housing. This is a space that needs to be renovated after some time, due to wear and tear, especially the bathtub, and also because we get tired of looking at those flowery tiles “to cry out to heaven,” or because the furniture is old, or replacement is needed. Of plumbing or because the sanitary ware starts to show signs of degradation.


Then we have functionality. Until recently, it was customary to have a bathtub and a bidet in the bathroom. Nowadays, these two types of equipment are usually replaced by a shower area, as it is much more practical, cheaper, and much more accessible (especially if you want to stay in the same house for a few more years).

Now, we usually take advantage of these occasions to update and update the decor with simpler finishes that are easier to clean.

Fancy Decor Ideas for a Modern Bathroom 1

Here you will find some ideas for remodeling your bathroom and help you find the new look your bathroom deserves.

Of all the rooms in our house, the bathroom is the slightest thought out, yet it is one of the most used, either by friends or by us. It is, therefore, essential to create a good atmosphere. Here are some ideas for modern bathrooms.

The first question we are always asked is where to start? But before the complete advice guide, first, check out a simple summary for you to ponder what you should and shouldn’t do.

Main changes to make when renovating a bathroom

  • Replace the bathtub with a shower tray
  • Have simple lines, preferably long furniture, for better storage
  • Eliminate Bidet if not needed
  • Replace plumbing if the building is old
  • Replace ceramic and sanitary

​Who doesn’t like to take a relaxing bath at the end of a working day, in a bathroom that conveys a feeling of calm and tranquility? The decoration of a bathroom is, without a doubt, the icing on the cake.

Plan the bathroom renovation works

Plan the bathroom renovation works

Keep in mind that it is not easy to remodel a space where we are living. This is due to having to live for some time with the dust from the works, the lack of comfort, the demolitions, the furniture out of place, the water cut off: This can quickly demotivate anyone.

Be realistic! The more practical and conscientious you are, the less it will weigh on your wallet, and the better the remodeling will go. For example, bear in mind that changing equipment such as the sink, shower, or toilet means carrying out plumbing and trowel works, which can be time-consuming and painful.

Remodel according to your lifestyle

Remodel according to your lifestyle

We shouldn’t remodel a space without first questioning our lifestyle. Forget about the significant decorative trends, the habits of friends, or what others will think.

The house must be adapted to your family, your rituals, and your tastes. Take a look back at your day, your habits, and format the makeover accordingly. Then try looking for inspiration and advice here and there at Pinterest or asking for professional help.

Remember that you can easily give your bathroom a new look by applying some home staging techniques, such as moving paint, changing accessories (carpets and towels), adding decoration, changing light bulbs, cleaning everything well, and not leaving mold marks, change the showerhead.

Coating the areas most subject to humidity

​An excellent way to start your bathroom renovation is to replace the lining of the shower area or the wall behind the washbasin. However, it is best to renovate all the walls for a more coherent aesthetic. Undoubtedly the question concerns which materials to use? Here are some examples:

  • Tile mosaics – can be glass, ceramic, stone, porcelain, and even metalized. These coatings always look good with a modern look. With prices between €15 and €20 per m2, coating small areas with this material is quick and gives a fantastic effect. Do not use pastilles already with glue as it is less resistant to moisture. Instead, opt for laying by professionals.

__Coating the areas most subject to humidity 1

  • Tiles – This is the best material for the bathroom. They can be smooth, slightly embossed, uniform in color, or pattern. A good quality tile covering will cost you from €25 m2 (Without labor). You can reach much higher values, depending on your choices).
  • Ceramic traditional large or small shapes, imitating wood or inspired Vintage Terrorist

__Coating the areas most subject to humidity 2

With a longer lifespan than natural wood, the patterned wood ceramic is so realistic that anyone will think it’s a natural wood floor or wall.

Although time passes, certain old tiles do not fall by the wayside and continue to be much sought after. Examples are the tiles used in the old meters and parts of them.

__Coating the areas most subject to humidity 5

The use of tile course the bathroom with the addition of details in black or darker shades give a retro look to space, trend, currently widely used.

__Coating the areas most subject to humidity 3

Still, with the intervention of tiles, another way of using them is by mixing geometric shapes, using tiles of the same color but with different engravings and even different sizes. The new trend in the use of tiles is becoming quite popular, especially in older building renovations and local housing projects.

__Coating the areas most subject to humidity 4

  • ​Microcement and epoxy resin – are perfect coatings for shower walls and flooring due to their waterproof characteristics.

Before choosing the material, do a lot of research online and preferably visit specialty stores to check the color and texture before committing!

Remove a bathtub and place a shower cubicle with a shower cubicle.

Remove a bathtub and place a shower cubicle with a shower cubicle.

This is a work that only brings advantages. Shower cubicles are easier and safer to use for people with mobility difficulties, and removing the volume from the bathtub will make your small bathroom more spacious and spacious. Research the available options

This step alone will be the best thing you can do to achieve a different look. A job of this kind takes between three to 5 days to complete and will cost you more than €800. (values ​​obtained by research in large retailers and specialty websites)

Remove a bathtub and place a shower cubicle with a shower cubicle. 1

When the space is small and does not allow us to have a bath and a shower simultaneously, the most common thing in these situations is removing the bathtub and choosing to create a storm with the greatest possible comfort.

Numerous extras can add and enrich the space and make it functional as a support example, a bank, supports, various types of the shower – Mostly Rain Shower this should be a MUST HAVE!

However, those who have enough space to put a tub in the bathroom center can not miss this opportunity.

Remove a bathtub and place a shower cubicle with a shower cubicle. 2

Create our SPA at home and put the tub without blocking visibility around it can be an excellent idea for those who have a spacious bathroom and allows the creation of magnificent relaxation space.

Remove a bathtub and place a shower cubicle with a shower cubicle. 3

Replace the washbasin cabinet or just the washbasin

This may seem like a significant change, expensive and complicated, but in reality, it’s not at all true. But there are many options on the market at competitive prices, without the need for labor if you have any skills for plumbing and assembly.

However, the best option is to opt for a tailor-made solution. Although a little is more expensive, it’s always better, but it will guarantee that it will be more adapted to your reality. In this case, the design and manufacture are made to measure.

Replace the washbasin cabinet or just the washbasin

The use of wooden furniture, where you put simple hygiene objects combined with white tiles in the decoration, gives more life to space.

Replace the toilet

This is a refurbishment that will eventually be inevitable, either for the style or the state of conservation. But don’t think you need to buy a toilet to go with the washbasin! By the way, these types of solutions are pretty out of date. 

Replacing the toilet or plumbing can motivate you to start renovating old bathrooms, so if it’s time for this element that is so fundamental to our well-being, don’t be too hasty. Choose very carefully, not only because of your aesthetics but also because of your comfort and anatomy. You have accessible standing toilets (with a base attached to the floor) and suspended toilets, which give super modern air to the environment.

Don’t forget to hire a plumber! Amateur jobs usually give poor results, with water leaks and infiltrations that no one wants.

Replace the toilet

One element that has not undergone a significant redesign over the years are the toilets, but it seems that the brand Geberit has leaned on this subject. The German brand has focused on changing the traditional, heavy tanks and nothing aesthetic ceramic shells. As a result, it makes them more elegant and sophisticated, using only ceramic for a thin top lid.

Replace the toilet 1

These new water storage do not hinder the functionality of the container at all. It is not necessary to change the existing piping, and the reservoir itself also has the function of reducing the use of water.

Make a wall with niches.

Niches are excellent decoration and storage items. Making a wall with open niches in your bathroom guarantees original aesthetics without much effort. 

You can make a wall module with recesses in moisture-resistant plasterboard.

Make a wall with niches.

Bathroom shelves perfectly match the layout and style of your modern bathroom, and we can match them with the wall, with other furniture and accessories, and create the ideal bathroom.

Make a wall with niches. 1

Paint uncoated areas

Paint uncoated areas

This is the most straightforward remodeling, and you can do it yourself without significant risks! Painting uncoated areas in a bathroom is a job with no big secrets.

​However, it requires some care: You

should always apply an antifungal primer. The chosen paint must also be antifungal with a washable plastic finish to avoid the degraded visits of mold that the humid conditions provide.

If you don’t have time, hire a professional painter, and in this case, also count on the value of labor, which varies a lot.

Our advice is that you choose a good quality ink and that you follow the procedures recommended by the brand. Our tip is to select a paint that matches or contrasts with the color of furniture and accessories.

Change the taps

Change the taps. 2

Change the taps

This is another job that can quickly be done by yourself, with some help if needed. Changing the faucets is a discreet renovation work, but it can have a significant impact on style.

There are faucets of all qualities and attractive designs. Changing a simple faucet is a task that even someone with little experience in plumbing work can do. However, a faucet with a mixer can become a complicated experience. If you do not feel confident, even better is to seek help from a plumber.

Changing Bathroom Accessories

A light way to make a renovation is to change all the bathroom accessories. It’s not a remodel, it’s more of a cosmetic operation, but it works whenever we want to create a different environment without spending a lot of money.

It’s a great way to add a more personalized touch. Examples of these accessories are liquid soap and shower gel dispensers, baskets for storing hygiene and beauty products, support benches, laundry baskets, and textiles. You can add purely decorative accessories, such as candles, vases, and potted plants.

Changing Bathroom Accessories 1

We can change minor details, such as doorknobs, knobs, taps, or showers, to give a sophisticated and elegant touch to the bathroom.

Changing Bathroom Accessories 2.

When decorating a bathroom, more giant mirrors make the bathroom look larger and brighter.

The presence of this object is essential, as there are several daily activities in which we include it, such as when we brush our teeth, put on makeup, change our contact lenses, trim our beards, among others.

Changing Bathroom Accessories 3

The use of both natural and artificial plants can also be a way to enhance bathroom decor. We can have leaves, branches, live moss to give a more natural environment.

A complete renovation project

And finally, we come to the broader question: – how much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

If the sanitary facilities are still in working order, you can make just a few suggestions, and it will be just a facelift.

However, reality shows us that the final result will be more harmonious and balanced if the renovation is a total or a global project. Our suggestion is to ask an interior designer for help.

One of these professionals will help you find the best solutions at the best price and suggest ideas for excellent use of space that would probably never occur to you as they only come from someone with a lot of experience.

Although you have to count on the costs of the professional, you will likely end up saving some money and a lot of work. 

We cannot give you a concrete value for a general remodeling of your bathroom. We can only suggest that you ask for a quote from one of our many professionals!