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Fall in Love With These Vintage Kitchens

It’s impossible not to like the vintage style, that kind of decor that integrates so well with the contemporary (and functional) “air” of today’s kitchens. You can do this by placing new appliances with different tiles on the walls or floor, the colours you use, the types of materials you choose for the cabinets, among many other options. For this reason, discover vintage kitchens that you can be inspired to create your own at home.

Use and abuse the tiles

One of the most manageable ways to decorate your kitchen in a vintage style is to apply tiles. There are several options to choose from, allowing you great flexibility when decorating.

A tiled kitchen takes on a different life and allows a lot of freedom to choose the color of cabinets and even appliances.

Of course, you are not limited to applying tiles in patterns or different colors, because you can opt for simpler ones that still give the vintage touch you are looking for in your kitchen.

Vintage home appliances

In addition to being equally functional, vintage appliances, even though they may look old, are as recent or more recent than the modern ones you are familiar with.

This kitchen with a vintage stove and hood is the perfect example of what your kitchen can become. This does not imply that you have to choose all the appliances in this decorative line, because you can do it with just one or the other (appliance).

And, as you can see from the image, it’s relatively simple to match the vintage decor with the more modern and characteristic of today. Do not forget, of course, the accessories and kitchen utensils that cannot be missing from your space.

Glass cabinets

A kitchen with glass cabinets is immediately associated with vintage style. Currently, the most common is to see kitchens with all the support cabinets closed in neutral tones, which do not let you know what is stored inside.

The same does not happen with the case of furniture with glass doors, usually hanging on the wall, over support counters and main appliances (such as the stove, for example).

Of course, opting for this kind of furniture doesn’t mean that you completely discard the rest. You can have them all closed under the counters, keeping the “oldest” style able to complement those hanging on the wall.

The secret is in the fridge

If you don’t want to make major changes (and even works) to your kitchen and just want to give it a more minimal vintage touch, then bet on choosing a typical fridge of that time. This kitchen is a good example of how you can do this.

By choosing a vintage fridge in a different color and standing out from the rest of the decor, it allows you to not have to worry too much about the other elements to use.

You can apply some tiles on the wall, opt for lamps in pastel shades and keep the rest of the decoration unchanged, for example.

Prefer pastel shades

The pastel colors are characteristic of the vintage decor, so they are a great choice to decorate your kitchen in this style. In this case, you don’t just benefit from this kind of decoration, because the pastel shades are still “in fashion” and are as contemporary as other decorative elements you may already have in your kitchen.

Pastel shades are back in strength and the best way to apply them is, without a doubt, in the support cabinets. But don’t make the mistake of mixing tones. Choose one you identify with and bet on it to paint your kitchen furniture.

And, if you don’t believe that pastel shades are back (really) to stay, this chair is an example of that. If you have space, you can perfectly put it in the kitchen. If that’s not the case, complement the room decor with this presence.

The American Diner Style

Do you know the famous American Diners?

If you don’t know, get inspired by this very original kitchen, which so well identifies the American and vintage style you want to apply to your kitchen.

American Diners, so characteristic of the 50s and 60s, are the perfect inspiration for those looking for a unique and irreverent style to apply in the kitchen.

The black-and-white checkered square tiles almost seem impossible to complement with any other decorative element, but that is precisely where you are wrong and that, again, the pastel shades apply so well.

With the kitchens presented in this article, you can find the right inspiration to apply the vintage style to your own space, whether looking for options that require significant interventions or just examples that do not require significant investments.