Home Office Design

Essential Tips for Creating a Home Office

If you’ve recently found yourself working from home, or you’re simply looking to improve your existing home office space, then there are a few essential tips that you should consider ensuring you have the best set up possible. Your home office needs to be a space that you can use to focus and get things done, with minimal distraction and plenty of motivation. It’s amazing how much a room can have an impact on your productivity, so be sure to tick all of these essential boxes when it comes to planning your home office space.

Choose a Location

For many, choosing a desired location for your home office isn’t an option. You often have to work with the space that you have available, so you may find yourself having to be creative and work around obstacles that your home may present to you. The main thing to consider when choosing the location for your home office is how quiet the area of your home is. You need to have a space that is going to be distraction free (or as much so as possible) to ensure you can work to your full potential. Find an area in your home that is far away from everyday noise and the rest of your household activity to ensure noise levels are as low as possible. It’s also beneficial to consider lighting too, as you want to be working in a space that has a flow of natural light, as this can really help with productivity levels.

Style and Design

Just like every other room in the home, you want your home office to have its own style and character. This is a space where you’ll be spending lots of your time, so you want it to feel warm, welcoming and positive. Having the right décor style for you will help you to focus and stay motivated, so think about colours and designs that you work well with. You often find that a neutral colour palette, with pops of colour through interior accessories can really help to maintain a calm yet inspiring atmosphere, with the addition of motivational posters, family photographs and other sentimental items to help get you through the working day. Take a look online at retailers like Buster & Punch for some inspiration with interior accessories, taking into consideration which styles would be best suited to your personal taste and what you think would fit best into your home office space.

Comfort is Key

Alongside a good decorative style, you will also need to ensure your home office feels comfortable. Having the right furniture to provide you with a supportive yet comfortable working environment will ensure you are able to stay focused. Firstly, choosing the right desk and chair are essential. Your desk chair needs to be designed to support you throughout the day, aiding your back area to prevent you from becoming achy or having any back problems further down the line. Similarly, your desk needs to be the right size, with plenty of space for you to work with. If you’re unsure on which furniture will be best for your home office, you can use IKEA’s home office planner to help you really plan out your space.

Organisation and Storage

Having a good level of organisation in your home office is extremely important, as it’s almost impossible to work and thrive in a messy space. You want to include as much storage as necessary to keep all of your work essential neatly stored away, with plenty of room to neatly organise your essentials to have them where you need them. There are some really well designed desk organisers available from retailers such as Paperchase, along with storage to ensure your space is as neat and tidy as possible.