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Enhance Natural and External Light in Home Decor

Natural light is a gift that cannot be overlooked, and knowing how to value it is halfway to the success of decoration. In order to use it very well in favor of the decoration of the house, it is necessary to find out which aspects should be worked on so that the external light can stand out and become a differentiating element in the decoration of a house.

Include windows

Windows are the quintessential way for outside light to penetrate the rooms of the house. Including windows in the decoration is one of the most important strategies to take advantage of natural light. In a relatively small room it is difficult to include large windows, or several windows without this becoming a hindrance to the arrangement of furniture. However, even if you cannot increase the dimensions of the existing windows, you can always appreciate the light that enters through them.

Attention to painting

The painting of a house greatly influences how outside light is used. To increase the effects of external light, it is preferable to choose paints in bright, open tones, rather than darker tones. The different types of white-nature or simply white, cream, lemon yellow, pink peach and pale blue or green are good ways to take advantage of the external light. In addition to the walls, special attention must be paid to the color of the ceiling, as this is where the final finish of any house’s painting takes place. Ceilings painted in light colors convey the feeling of greater height and light, while darker ceilings tend to overwhelm natural light.

The pavement is also important

It has good windows, light walls and ceilings that match, but you don’t know how to make the floor follow the general harmony and capture the light at its maximum exponent? Well, in a team that wins, don’t move and if the light tones are everywhere, a good idea is also to opt for floors in light and cheerful materials. No dark wood floors, not covered with gray or black stone. A good choice is very light cork, or varnished pine wood, the tiles in pink or orange also help to create an environment where natural light is king. Marble, provided in light tones, can be a winning bet and combines with all environments in a sumptuous elegance.

Opt for light and transparent curtains

If your windows are small, narrow and you cannot enlarge them, then decide to decorate them with beautiful curtains in very light colors and transparent fabrics. There are several curtains on the market that allow all natural light to enter and at the same time transmit a soft color to the environment. But if your windows are large and in good quantity, know that you can make the most of the natural light that enters through them by also adopting clear and transparent curtains.

In small rooms, take advantage of natural light and make it the queen of decor

Small rooms do not support large numbers of furniture pieces. An excellent idea is to adopt a minimalist decor in which natural light is strong. A well-lit house becomes radiant and cheerful, even if it is sparsely furnished. The important thing is to use good taste and common sense in the decoration, avoiding exaggerations either by excess or by default.

Light colored furniture pieces reflect natural light

To take advantage of the outside light, it’s a good idea to choose furniture in light tones. Furniture made of pine or lacquered / enamelled wood in light tones or painted white, sofas in light tone leather, anything that may involve retaining some light and returning it back is a good idea when you want to enjoy the light Natural. The raffia furniture, although more used in the decoration of gardens or outdoor spaces, also becomes interesting when used indoors, and if it is in light colors it works very well as a light catcher. Wrought iron pieces painted white are a more sophisticated alternative but that blend beautifully with the external light.

Bet on decoration accessories

  • Mirrors reflect light, enhance the ambience and provide an illusion of luminous depth that enhances external light, providing a great help in bringing out natural light.
  • In the same way, rugs or walkways in cheerful, bright and light tones help in the maintenance and diffusion of light.
  • Transparent glass tops on tables, white or brightly colored blankets scattered on sofas, pillows in silky fabrics and in bright colors are decorative accessories that consolidate the presence of natural light.
  • Bibelots, lamps, bedspreads and white or ivory napperons enhance the decor and retain natural light.
  • Photographs or paintings displayed on the walls, or on the furniture also help to create a more luminous decoration, and as long as they are not used excessively, they add coziness and personalize any home.