Outdoor Design

Elements to Decorate Your Exterior Space of the House

The outdoor space of a house is often forgotten during decoration. Don’t let that happen and include different types of furniture that will transform the area. Whether small or large, your home’s outdoor space also deserves due attention. Decorating it should also be a priority and there is furniture that cannot be missed. In addition to the dining tables and chairs, there are more elements you should include to bring your outdoor space to life.

Outdoor dining tables

For dinner, lunch or even tea at 5. Having a dining table outside is an asset, especially on hot days. Our dining tables are suitable for this purpose and capable of withstanding the most adverse weather conditions.

There are circular, rectangular and square tables. Larger or smaller, the important thing is that everyone has space to sit at the table. So choose one big enough for the meals you want to serve there.

Prepare your home for the arrival of summer, but don’t stop there. Decorate your outdoor space for the whole year, preparing it with the most elegant furniture. In addition to offering the necessary support, our tables are authentic works of art elegant and perfect for every moment.

Outdoor chairs

The Our selection of chairs outside of this available in different materials. All are suitable to withstand the conditions typical of an open space, but it is important that you protect them in case of rain.

Before you question yourself, the answer is no: you don’t need to have a dining table outside to have outdoor chairs in the same space. These chairs can exist by themselves and are great for receiving the sun, or even for reading a good book.

Choose the color you like the most, between wood, black or white. Don’t forget to create a harmonious decor, always opting for the same or complementary tones. It can even follow a rural decoration and even bring it into the home.

Outdoor armchairs

The our chairs outside are larger than the chairs, because they are parts that do not need other to exist (and make sense in the space they occupy).

In woven, steel, wood and mostly padded. The outdoor armchairs invite genuine moments of reflection. They can be placed against the wall or in a corner. They can also exist without one of these “backs”.

Instead of the more conventional armchairs, you may prefer hanging ones. Built on a robust structure, these hanging chairs are certainly the missing piece in your outdoor space.

Outdoor sofas

Anyone who said that sofas only existed in the living and dining rooms is wrong. The outdoor sofas are able to transform any space. In addition to being comfortable, these pieces do not take up as much space as traditional sofas.

Mostly, this type of furniture is accompanied by huge cushions, which give it shape. The structure is generally thinner yet robust, not least because that’s the only way it can fit effortlessly into any outdoor space.

Outdoor sofa cushions are generally made of fabric. It is a more resistant fabric that easily combines with different designs. Still, there are some precautions you should take with this material .

Coffee and support tables

The coffee and support tables are pieces that, by themselves, bring more life to your outdoor space. These are smaller tables than the traditional ones, suitable for displaying decorative objects, books, magazines and even newspapers.

At the same time, they are the ideal option for placing plants if we weren’t talking about an outdoor space. There are square, rectangular and circular coffee and coffee tables. Some have thin legs and are taller, others, with smaller feet, end up being more compact and easier to fit into a smaller space.

Outdoor furniture that can’t be missed

Decorating an outdoor space is not an easy task, we well know. That’s why we’ve put together these furniture tips, which you should include to make your decor more vivid.

The truth is that it is not enough to choose a dining table, and respective chairs, to create the environment you want. There are many more elements that can (and should) be included in outer space.

Only then will you be able to achieve the harmony you are looking for, in a space that, by itself, already benefits from a unique natural energy. Make use of this (great) feature to create a unique outdoor decoration.