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Effortless Way to Make Halloween Pumpkin Step by Step at Home

Effortless Way to Make Halloween Pumpkin Step by Step at Home

Make Halloween even more creepy with carved and lit pumpkins.

The Halloween pumpkin is a must-have decoration for your Halloween party. It plays a fundamental role in the decoration and also manages to enhance the proposal of the thematic event. In this subject, you will learn step-by-step instructions for making the piece at home, making faces and including a lighting system.

Considered one of the main symbols of Halloween, the pumpkin brings to light a story of North American folklore. Legend has it that a man named Jack had a habit of exaggerating his drinking and that’s why he always got drunk. He had crossed paths with the devil several times because of alcoholism, but he always found a way out of hell.

No pumpkin, no Halloween.

Jack ended up not enduring the bohemian life and passed away. He found no place in heaven or hell, so his spirit began to wander with candles and turnips. In America, the legend arrived with Irish immigrants and was adapted to the use of pumpkins, as the vegetable was found in greater abundance.

How to make halloween pumpkin?

Learn how to make pumpkins for Halloween. 

The celebration of October 31 is not the same without the presence of carved and lit Halloween pumpkins. This type of decoration can be used to decorate the main table of the party, the entrance of the house and even the roof.

Necessary materials

  • 1 well-rounded orange pumpkin
  • 1 very sharp knife
  • 1 sheet of newspaper
  • 1 grimace mold
  • 1 thick needle
  • 1 scraper
  • 1 piece of paper towel
  • 1 glass pot
  • 1 flasher with yellow or white lights

Step by step

Cut the pumpkin and remove everything inside it.

1. Wash the pumpkin well and dry it. Then make a circular line on the top and pierce it with the knife, making a hole.

5. Provide a mold with the grimace that will be drawn on the pumpkin. You can enlarge and print one of the drawings available at the end of the article.

6. Place the mold over the pumpkin and mark the hollow spaces. The most recommended is to use a thick needle and perforate the mold. The little holes are in charge of delimiting the area that will be cut.

7. With a sharp knife, cut the pumpkin, following the outline defined by the perforations with the needle. Take care to cut only the scratched areas, leaving the eyes, nose and mouth open.

8. Pass the napkin inside each hole to make it dry, smooth and clean.

Provide a glass bottle and flasher. 

9. The face of the pumpkin is ready, now just prepare the lighting system. Provide a small glass jar (of mayonnaise, for example) and wrap it with the blinker.

10. Place the lighted pot inside the pumpkin and close with the tampon. You can also replace this system with a candle or flashlight.

11. Ready! Now just turn off the lights and celebrate Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkin Molds

Here are some cool template options to use:

Halloween Pumpkin Molds 1

Halloween Pumpkin Molds 2 Halloween Pumpkin Molds 3 Halloween Pumpkin Molds 4 Halloween Pumpkin Molds 5 Halloween Pumpkin Molds 5 Halloween Pumpkin Molds 5 Halloween Pumpkin Molds 5 Halloween Pumpkin Molds 5

You don’t need to make multiple halloween pumpkins with the same face. Try to be creative, using macabre or funny expressions. Take advantage of the tips and make your Halloween party awesome.