Christmas Decorations

Easy and Modest Recycled Christmas Ornaments Ideas for You

Have you ever thought about gathering items that are sitting around your house and making beautiful recycled Christmas ornaments? Check out sustainable inspirations! Creating your own Christmas decorations from materials you already have at home is a cost-effective way to ensure great decor for the festivities.

In addition, you help the environment by reducing the production of household waste, preventing irregular disposal of some items. There’s nothing better than calling the kids to participate and getting inspired by these ideas to produce recycled Christmas ornaments that look just like you. Check out!

Get inspired by recycled Christmas ornaments and make your own

Ice cream sticks

Popsicles are great allies to cool off on hot days. How about using the ice cream sticks to create a recycled Christmas decoration? The little angels are great examples, very simple to make.

Bottle caps

The idea is to join several caps of bottle, all the same size, and build your own personalized Christmas garland. To do this, just cover them with the fabric of your choice, glue them to a circular surface and complete everything with a beautiful bow.


Wine or sparkling wine corks can also be made into amazing recycled Christmas ornaments. In this case, the little angels can be great to hang on the tree or in any corner of the house.


This little angel made from sheets of newspaper is pure charm. It’s worth taking advantage of previous issues of the periodical and creating your own recycled Christmas ornament. Beautiful, practical and cheap!


You know that burned out light bulb that you usually dispose of in the trash? With a dose of creativity, she can be transformed into a fun and stylish snowman.

Coffee capsules

Those who can’t do without a good coffee maker can also reuse the capsules to create a beautiful Christmas ornament. In addition to being recyclable, the material is a modern and innovative option to compose the garlands. The tip is to mix different colors when creating your own!