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DIY and Different Wall Painting Ideas for You

DIY and Different Wall Painting Ideas for You

This is a tip for you who don’t want to spend a lot to change the look of your home! With these different wall painting ideas, you will see that sometimes just changing the appearance of the walls will make you feel in another place! See what we have for you!

I’ll show you how simple it is to define the size of the design you want to make and use masking tape to delimit it. After that, it’s just a matter of painting! You will see that only with paint you can completely change an environment!

Different Wall Painting Ideas

Half Wall Paintings

Better known as “Half Painted Wall,” it is a style growing more and more. You will only need to choose a color that matches your environment! Painting half of the wall can give your home the personality it needs.

Room with the creative half wall painting:

Half Wall Paintings 1

Half Wall Paintings 2

Pink wall painting in the bedroom:

Half Wall Paintings 3

Corner of the house with armchair, plant and half of the wall painted in blue:

Half Wall Paintings 4

Corner of the house with shoe rack and half of the wall painted green:

Half Wall Paintings 5

The entrance to the house with half the wall painted gray:

Half Wall Paintings 6

Living room with pink sofa and half of the wall painted in light blue:

Half Wall Paintings 7

Different wall paintings: Rectangular Strip

If you don’t know what to do with that corner of the house that you think is boring, marked painting can be the solution; check it out!

Geometric wall painting in the room:

Rectangular Strip 1

Creative painting on the wall, being used as a headboard:

Rectangular Strip 2

Rectangular-shaped headboard made of wall painting:

Rectangular Strip 3

Hexagonal Painting

This one can take a little more work, you’ll need a mold, but the result is fantastic!

Dining room with the hexagonal geometric wall painting:

Hexagonal Painting 1

DIY different wall painting:

Hexagonal Painting 2

Hexagonal creative painting in the room:

Hexagonal Painting 3

Creative wall painting in the bedroom:

Hexagonal Painting 4

Hexagonal decor in the dining room:

Hexagonal Painting 5

Painting of Circles

The circle-shaped wall painting is another way to give a super creative air to the environment. We usually see this painting in bedrooms, but it would look great in the living room or home office.

Creative wall painting in a minimalist bedroom:

Painting of Circles 1

Creative wall painting in the bedroom:

Painting of Circles 2

Triangular Painting

This one is undoubtedly the most famous, especially on Pinterest, for different wall paintings. It is often used in children’s rooms, but I’ll show you how it can also be used anywhere in the house.

Triangular wall painting:

Triangular Painting 1

DIY Different Wall Painting in the bedroom:

Triangular Painting 2

And in the bedroom, of course! =D

Triangular Painting 3

DIY different wall paintings in the children’s room:

Triangular Painting 4

Triangular Painting 5

Triangular Painting 6

Triangular Painting 7

Triangular Painting 8

Bonus: Arch painting

A new model that is super trendy is the arch painting! A little more complicated to do, but not impossible. You will need a pencil and a string to delimit the area, then paint. See how amazing it looks!

Arch painting on the wall of the house:

Bonus Arch painting 1

Bar corner with arched wall painting:

Bonus Arch painting 1

DIY – Different Wall Painting Ideas:

Bonus Arch painting 3

Bonus Arch painting 4

Bonus Arch painting 5

Bonus Arch painting 6

Bonus Arch painting 7

Bonus Arch painting 8

Bonus Arch painting 9