Dining Room Design

Discover the Best of Nordic Furniture: an In-depth Look at Norwegian Dining Tables

Everyone wishes to enjoy design-forward meals but it takes thoughtful consideration while picking the dining table. Moreover, it takes effort to design it following the Scandinavian concepts and Norwegian interior design trends. People admire Scandinavian-style interiors and the answer to why is simply the neutral colour schemes, natural lighting, and minimalism. Furthermore, designed tables in Norway are clutter-free and clean-lined spaces give the vibe of an inviting atmosphere.

In addition to having a stunning design, it creates an environment that beckons you to enjoy leisurely, delectable meals.

Make it simple, practical, and functioning

Scandinavian dining tables have a strong emphasis on natural components, refined understatement, and clean lines. It has a modern aesthetic with modest elements, yet it’s still practical and stylish. Whether the dining table is extendable or not, make it unique. Uniqueness is what defines Scandi-style space.

How to decorate a Scandinavian-style dining room?

Versatility is the main element and finest feature of Scandinavian furniture and decor items. Well, the colours considered in this style are soft and neutrals but don’t be hesitant to try out vibrant accents that may give depth to your homes, such as deep greens and blues. Don’t limit your decoration to just soft colours because it may seem lifeless to see all the neutral colours in one space. Try to add some bold colours to make it chic-styled and classic with the traditional look.

Make the area clutter free and add statement lighting to the space. Moreover, wooden textures are considered to be dominant in this whole Scandi-style cost atmosphere. It isn’t necessary to cover the wooden area but if you want to add some privacy, choose curtains that align with your home decor. The cabinets will aid in maintaining organisation, which is a hallmark of Scandinavian design. We can add magazines, picture frames, or decorations. 

Example of Norwegian dining tables

Norwegian dining tables are sleek-looking centrepieces of the room that are well-loved by all the friends and family. Most commonly, they are slim in profile and have minimalistic touch.

Eave table

This is a rectangular-shaped modern table that gives warm organic vibes. It is made up of Appalachian ash wood and is perfect for making interior design minimalistic.


This solid wood dining table is natural American. Any person who is a fan of Scandinavian design dining tables would love to have this in their space.

Castle – A solid wood dining table

This solid wood dining table is beautifully crafted. Additionally, German oil has been applied to the woodwork to prevent blemishes, making it a suitable choice for bustling homes. this substantial solid wood table is ideal for hosting family gatherings. Your house is made simpler and cosier by the minimalist design and prominent wood grain.

Wrapping up

The Scandinavian style is all about making space as uncomplicated as possible. To achieve the authentic Nordic atmosphere, add materials that subdued hues and peaceful sentiments that make the spaces look light and large.