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Classify and Decorate Nordic Style Key

Nordic style It has become very fashionable recently, so we can see many spaces decorated with this trend. If you are also conquered by Scandinavian space, please don’t hesitate to write down all the keys to identify and decorate the Nordic style. Nordic style is that it originated in the Scandinavian countries, features designer furniture and very important, the environment is also important. Therefore, the furniture is made of natural wood and uses natural style elements and spaces in search of simplicity. Carefully decorate every key in this style, which is very popular today.

Designer furniture

Design is very important in the Scandinavian world, and this trend is looking for furniture that has a simple but modern and practical design at the same time. This is why you should seek furniture with basic lines, but with modern design and finishes. These pieces of furniture usually have multiple functions, and even futuristic designs that we have never seen before surprise us. They are also very common combination of furniture, because they are very practical, can adapt to different stages of life or needs. IKEA is a great pioneer of this powerful Nordic design furniture.

Function above all else

Function is very important in Scandinavian style, almost as important as modern design and basic lines. This furniture must be functional and we should not add things actually do not have much functionality as the Scandinavian philosophy tells us that simple space where everything is both functional and practical, but also beautiful. Furniture is usually used for multiple functions, especially for children’s furniture, to be used after the first year, because in this ecological thinking, this trend is to use furniture as much as possible.

Less is more

Minimalist style

When we find decorative simple space, where very few ornaments, and those who exist decorations are carefully selected. Geometric vases, carpets with simple patterns or murals with basic line illustrations. Everything is on the same simple line, so the space has a neat and basic Scandinavian style. We should never charge for a space that we want to look completely Scandinavian. If in doubt, we can start with the details we need and add some content over time.

Black and white or soft shadows

As for the color we want to decorate the Nordic space, we already know it very well. Black and white binomial is the most competent, but if we also want to add color, we usually choose soft colors. This gray helps reduce the contrast between black and white, as do other soft tones, which are soft and do not saturate the space. Light yellow, sky blue or light pink are the most commonly used shades. It is best to choose a shadow to add black or white, so as not to end up saturating even the softest colors. It should be remembered that these spaces are eye-catching precisely because of their simplicity.

Basic line printing

Nordic Prints

If we want to add these model space, we will find the basic pattern of lines and geometric style prints. Raindrops, simple fir trees, stripes, dots and herringbone stripes are very common in this type of decoration. If we only use a few colors, we can make everything fun. If you use similar tones, these patterns can even be mixed, although we must avoid adding too much to avoid saturation.

A lot of wood

La wood is usually the protagonist in the Scandinavian space. It is a natural, recyclable material, it loves nature and is very durable, so we are talking about high-quality furniture that will be used for decades. This is a Scandinavian style philosophy. This wood was purchased in light tones because the Scandinavian space is very bright.

Natural lighting

Lighting is usually natural, using white, which helps to make everything look brighter and can also make the tone brighter. We can use natural lighting to make the space more spacious. In Scandinavian space, there is no darkness. Even if black is used, we must place a lot of white as a contrast to shine.

Natural plants and candles

In this natural flow, we found some objects decorating the Nordic space. This natural plant they are very practical, commonly used simple shades of green. Even if they have a simple aesthetic.