Christmas Decorations

Christmas Ideas for Greeting and Showing Off Guests at Home!

Stylish decorated napkins, tableware for the little ones, Christmas motifs, natural branches, bright colors … The details make a difference. This year is Christmas Eve at home? It is the best occasion to show all the talent that you have inside and decorate the table in a creative and innovative way. Therefore, we want to present you some good Christmas ideas to receive guests at home and show off!


Create a festive atmosphere with spruce or natural pine branches and little red touches here and there. An affordable and simple bet that you can adapt to your dining room, all through ornaments to decorate the house at Christmas. In this way, you can achieve a more careful and elegant presence, turning the living-dining room into the perfect setting where to hold any meeting or celebration.

In this case, a large spruce branch decorates the ceiling lamp which, together with a decorative bell, becomes the central decoration of the space. Therefore, it can be verified that the room is ready to receive the guests.


Decorating the Christmas Eve table is almost as important as getting the menu right. If you want to show off a perfect presentation, take great care of the little details: a gift next to the plate, some scented candles and, of course, an original presentation of the napkins.

In this sense, we can achieve a much more elegant image, worthy of parties like these. After all, the goal is for us to make lunch or dinner a special moment. For this, nothing better than resorting to decorative elements suitable for your home for Christmas; in other words, a way to enrich the image of the interiors. An example can be cinnamon stick, eucalyptus or cotton, resources that are excellent decorative bets for these Very Mucho napkins.


If Christmas is bright, red and green for you, go for a traditional style. This table has the ingredients of a lifetime: stars, candles, branches and leaves, designer plates, silver placemats, etc. The idea is that we achieve a sophisticated and suitable design for a more original dinner that offers, in turn, certain modern and vintage airs.


The combination of children and grandmother’s dishes only causes suffering. Avoid problems with a melamine Christmas tableware for the little ones. There is a wide variety to make dinner a fun and colorful moment. This is from Rice.


Silver and gray shake hands on this beautiful table dressed for Christmas. Vegetable details and candlelight aptly complete this festive atmosphere. Thus, a decorative design with ornaments, tinsel, figures, candles, themed napkins, etc. is verified. The objective has been achieved, we feel that happy and smiling atmosphere in a Christmas decoration appropriate for a gala dinner.


Another way to enrich the image of the dinner is through small details typical of a Christmas decoration that, in general, provide balance and thematize the environment, taking from our interior that joyful spirit that we carry within. Certain touches of elegance, sophistication and a contribution of red color are achieved that fills us with passion. In this case, we have used dry branches, pine cones and an elongated red ribbon that runs throughout the table.


Lighted living room

The best way to create a festive and charming atmosphere is through the lights. Of course, you can not miss the Christmas tree, in the same way that we can also incorporate some ornaments, such as luminous stars scattered around the living room and candles for the table. From there, we will achieve that peaceful, calm, calm and dreamy atmosphere that we like so much for these dates.


If you have children at home or guests come with children, how about preparing a party table for them, but with a childish vision? With soft garnishes and a pineapple in each glass, success is assured. From the firm Rice: crochet Christmas tree (€ 14.9); glass (€ 5.7) and plate (€ 5.7) stamped with Christmas decorations and glass with gold polka dots (€ 15.5)