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Check out How to Organize Home Office

Do you lack time to organize your office or home office? Follow these steps to keep organized daily and learn how to manage your home office.

Get rid of the junk

Extract all personal items from youxr desk and at least one thing from your desktop that you haven’t used in the last month. Throw away pens that don’t work, magazines, catalogs, and anything else that doesn’t work.

Take inventory

Review office supplies and make an inventory list, then organize all items by category and note items that need to be replenished or purchased.

Organize your contacts

Gather all business cards and scraps of paper with phone numbers written down, classify, write down the phone numbers in the calendar or cell phone, and throw the pieces away. If necessary, buy a card organizer.

Clean the papers on your desk

Dispose of old papers and drafts in the trash. Archive only what is necessary.

File the paperwork

Archiving important documents immediately (or at the end of the day) keeps the space organized and streamlines the task. Documents, extracts, and anything that cannot be thrown away can be categorized into a file system. In the absence of a closet or drawer for hanging files, use organizer boxes. You can separate papers by category and store them inside transparent plastic folders, an option for those who don’t have space or a binder at home.

Request the discharge document

To avoid unnecessary papers such as bills paid, request the annual discharge document that replaces all receipts for the year. The obligation is for private companies and public service providers. The discharge statement must be sent by May of the following year, including bills such as water, electricity, telephone, gas, credit card, school fees. Attention only discards the invoices after receiving the document that proves the discharge and keeps it for five years, which is also the deadline for the prescription of claims.

Organize with boxes and baskets

To keep your desk tidy, use baskets to store books and boxes to store stationery, keeping everything handy and complementing the decor.