Check Out How to Get the Mirror Decoration Right

Check Out How to Get the Mirror Decoration Right 2

Decorative mirrors are exciting pieces in any project. They can add elegance to different environments, in addition to expanding any space. But, when planning the decor, it is essential to pay attention to some details. Seeing this item as a faithful ally, there is no doubt that the decoration with mirrors is sophisticated and very charming.


To help you in this task, we have separated some tips to impress with decorative mirrors. Get inspired by these suggestions and turn your home into a stylish nook! Check out:

Use the decorative mirror to enhance your home

Use the decorative mirror to enhance your home.

The first rule in decorating with mirrors is only to use this feature to highlight some space in your home. This means that, before hanging a piece of this type in a particular environment, pay attention and check the image reflected in it. This avoids the reflection of a bathroom or a dark corner, for example.

Find the perfect type…

Not many people know, but the variety of decorative mirrors is wide. This means that, when purchasing an accessory of this type, doubts may arise about which option is more functional or consistent with the style proposed in your home. But, there is no need to worry. Check out the differentials of some available options:

  • Concave Mirror: Pieces of the type have an inward curvature, increasing the size of what is being reflected. They should be used in the bathroom or bedroom, as they facilitate beauty rituals, such as makeup, for example;

Concave Mirror

  • Convex mirror: This accessory is perfect for small rooms, as it creates the impression that the reflected space is more significant than it is. They are commonly used in the composition of entrance halls and corridors. Furthermore, it appears as an essential element in the creation of modern and oriental-inspired environments;

Convex mirror

  • Sandblasted mirror: one of the best options for those who love personalized accessories. This decorative piece has designs on its mirrored surface, such as flowers or landscapes. If betting on an element of the type, always prioritize simple frames in order not to sin for excess;
  • Edged mirror: the work carried out on its edges results in a look that creates a kind of frame in the piece itself. This decorative mirror offers luminosity and spaciousness in your environment.

…and the ideal space

Check Out How to Get the Mirror Decoration Right 5

There is no doubt that practically every room in your home can benefit from the use of a beautiful decorative mirror. However, there are some exciting tips to get the decor of each of these environments right. See some of them:

Living room

Living room

Living room 1

Check Out How to Get the Mirror Decoration Right

To ensure a cozy feeling and improve your lighting, you need to invest in decorating your living room with mirrors. Here, it is essential to pay attention to the placement of these pieces. An important tip is never to place the accessory behind the television or in your reading corner, for example. In these spaces, you need attention, and reflections can distract you.



Bedroom 1

The decoration of this room needs attention. After all, it is necessary to guarantee coziness and well-being in this environment. In addition to allowing that last check on your look before leaving the house, the bedroom mirror can expand this space. Besides, of course, it works as an enthralling decorative element.

Entrance Hall

entrance hall 1

entrance hall

To ensure a great first impression, you need to decorate the lobby with sophistication. As few homes have spacious environments, bet on a mirror on the spot. This article expands the space, illuminates, and appears as an absolute must-have!


Hall 2


Although it’s probably the narrowest space in your home, the hallway doesn’t need to be missed. Whether in a small apartment or a more spacious house, this corner is much more enjoyable with the help of a decorative mirror. The placement of the piece results in the feeling of a larger environment and gives a touch of modernity. So, don’t forget to use this piece here!


Washroom 1


As it is not one of the most used spaces in your home’s routine, the bathroom welcomes bold and exuberant choices. As it is not necessary to follow many rules in the decor of this environment, what about escaping the obvious? The scenery with mirrors can be made with the object’s placement in another wall and aligned with the sink anything.

Decor with mirrors complements your style

Decor with mirrors complements your style.

The decorative mirrors are renowned for their versatility. Also, could. These objects are used in varied spaces, moving elegantly in modern, romantic, and rustic environments. But, luckily for us, some options are already intrinsically related to specific styles.

Check Out How to Get the Mirror Decoration Right 4

The baroque mirror, for example, has curvilinear and asymmetrical frames and is usually produced with natural wood. The white and gold, quite characteristic of this style, also appear in pieces of the type.

Meanwhile, the Provencal mirror is quite classic and is found in light-toned frames. With different sizes, this element is exciting in separate rooms and charming in spaces that flirt with the modern.

Make a wall of mirrors

wall of mirrors

If you want to highlight a large wall in your home, what about betting on a gallery of decorative mirrors? As we talked about earlier, the choice of frame style, shapes, and sizes complement different types.

Check Out How to Get the Mirror Decoration Right 2

If you are classic and want to make sure you look charming, the best alternative is to use decorative mirrors of different sizes that follow the same pattern, such as shape or frame color. This is the best option for an amateur decorator since, following this rule, the mix is ​​perfect, and your space is nothing exaggerated.

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