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Check Out 30 Super Colorful and Creative Twin Rooms

Super Colorful and Creative Twin Rooms

Children’s rooms are child’s play for those who like to decorate. By setting up your little one’s room, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the playful, magical and creative universe of children. It’s no different in the case of a twin room. In fact, it represents double fun!

How to make a room for twins

How to make a room for twins

When we look at room inspirations for twin brothers, we find two types of layout. The most common is the mirrored one, where one side of the room is an exact version of the other, as would be the identical twins, that is, the so-called identical twins. We also find around the rooms that have a similar structure, but whose details differ, either in colour or in items such as toys and bed covers, corresponding to the tastes of children, whether they are single-egg or fraternal twins.

Position of beds

Beds are the stars of every room. In addition to being extremely important for their function, they draw attention to their size, usually the largest piece of furniture in this environment. That’s why their position in the space makes a lot of difference in the final result of the decoration.

It is common, in small rooms, to find twin beds shaped like bunk beds.

Position of beds 1

We also often find the beds parallel to each other, especially in rooms where the decor is “mirrored” style. This placement is what facilitates this type of layout the most. They usually have a single bedside table between them, with a lamp, which supports the two children.

Position of beds 2

Another option is to place the beds so that one headboard is back to back. This model needs a room with a good width that the beds can occupy and can yield fun headboard solutions. In this case, the headboard can take on the role of storage, be a chest style that comprises the two beds or be a kind of bookcase, with shelves opening on both sides.

Position of beds 3

Finally, we have the beds positioned in an “L”. Smaller rooms with square layouts benefit the most from this placement, as it helps create a sense of spaciousness by leaving the centre of the room free.



There are no limits when it comes to colour in a children’s room. Some parents like to separate the bedrooms by colours they believe match the child’s gender, such as pink or blue, but that’s no longer fashionable.

Colours 1

The preference, today, is to colour according to themes, especially if the child is small – this way, later on, he can go on growing and modifying the decoration with the parents to his own taste. This is an interesting concept for the twin room, especially if they are a couple. That way, not even the kids are bothered by the tone chosen for the entire room later.

Colours 2

In this case, yellow, orange and green are the preferred tones to create cheerful rooms that have everything to do with the children’s universe. Mainly in pastel shades, these colours go well even in baby rooms, inspired by themes like the circus or the forest, for example. Blue is also timeless and can make a beautiful room inspired by the sky or any other theme. Also, the colour is considered ideal for the bedroom according to colour psychology, inspiring calm.



Space is a frequent concern in home environments and even more so when you need to decorate for two children instead of one. This means the need for more beds, a more spacious closet, a study station that both can use at the same time…

Space 1

When the little one is still a baby, the situation is a little simpler. After all, it is possible to divide the clothes among themselves, even when they are of different genders, and save dresser and closet space. Only the crib causes the most concern among parents. In this case, it’s worth joining them or investing in a double crib or a tailored one, modern alternatives and good solutions. This versatility is essential because in a certain age group children grow and go through phases very quickly. Neutrality in fixed furniture allows the wall to receive an adhesive applied by the parents themselves, for example, and the decoration to be transformed very easily and quickly.

All parents need to do to “grow up” the style of this shared room is change the football field rug and the letters on the wall.



The best friend of children’s bedroom designs is creativity. With it, it is possible to leave the obvious and create environments that children will enjoy and enjoy from early childhood to adolescence. This can happen by investing in quality, more neutral and versatile furniture that can be used for a long time. To give personality to the room, different shelves, such as playful formats, colourful bed covers, rugs and wallpapers with designs are in place.

Creativity 1

It is also important to look to add ways to stimulate the kids’ creativity and thinking in this particular environment. This does not mean that the room must necessarily be Montessori, for example. However, investing in delimited spaces for games and shelves for books within the reach of younger children, as well as stimuli with different textures and pleasant to the touch, are recommended attitudes.

Creativity 2

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