Charming Industrial Loft Decor Tips

In the United States, the boom in industrial lofts is growing, and these industries have abandoned large buildings in cities. The large space when the community began to develop, they have been converted into housing, thus forming a typical industrial-style loft. These lofts are still important inspirations for decoration today. Industrial loft It has some characteristic elements, but in this style, many things can be included. Modern works, retro style, colorful textiles and endless proposals always have a clear industrial charm that makes these places special.

Ample space

If there is some representative of the characteristics of these lofts, which is open space. They are old factories with only columns inside. In this sense, we want to make this style open and wide without adding walls to close the space. Lofts always have high lighting. Lofts usually have high ceilings, columns and open spaces, including kitchens, living rooms, entrances and bedrooms. They are ideal for those who like large spaces, open and common areas. Although they are large, they usually have large windows, so they always have good lighting in every corner.

Visible material

The industrial style and another characteristic feature of these lofts is leaving the loft. Building materials insight. Brick walls and pipes have become part of this style, which is a way to distinguish it from other styles. Materials such as cement, brick and metal are essential to create an industrial loft with character and charm. In this loft, we saw how they exposed the old brick wall, which gave it a lot of style and is decorated with modern paintings and plants.

Pipe as the protagonist

In an industrial loft, the materials must be visible, because this is their characteristic. But these materials have become so important in creating an industrial appearance that sometimes they won’t be part of it without using them. Attic structure. This is the case with pipes, which are not visible, but can also be used to create new things. This industrial aesthetic uses pipes, metals and everything related to industry to give these spaces a very personal character. In this case, we see that some pipes are also used as railings in the upper part of the attic, which are also open but used as offices.

Metal, leather and dark wood

There are some materials that are very suitable for creating an industrial loft style . Bare building materials (such as bricks) are usually used for walls or cement, floors or bathrooms. Metal furniture is ideal for these lofts, and the wheels and chairs can be made of this material. On the other hand, you can’t miss a high-quality leather sofa, because leather has this industrial style to a large extent. These materials are the basis for creating this type of style, but we can also add wooden furniture, because combining the retro style can make this type of loft look less cold.

Mixed in an industrial loft

In industrial lofts, the aforementioned elements are often used to create a very firm style. However, all of this depends on the taste, so you must know that in this style you can mix many other combinations to create new things. Industrial style is often blended with country style and vintage, because the memories of industry come from another era. This type of antique furniture is equipped with old-fashioned furniture, analog clocks and antiques on the walls, and is perfectly integrated with the industrial world.

However, in this loft, we saw a very modern feel , with a new industrial style. They added bricks to the kitchen, but in a modern environment, with wood and metal details, such as stools. A more minimalist modern style can be added, but don’t forget the industrial style with details such as metal stairs, which adds personality to the loft.

Industrial loft lighting

We can’t stop adding a special part to talk about lighting, because this is very important in a very spacious and tall loft. If there is some light in this genre designation, then they have a spotlight shape , just like in the industry. Today, we can find them in many shades and sizes to adapt them to our space. In the industry, we can also add bohemian and casual style bulbs without lights.

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