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New Boiler Cost

It’s not until you become a homeowner that you realise how reliant you are on your boiler and central heating system all year round. If this breaks down then you have no hot water or heating until it’s fixed. If your boiler breaks, the first thought usually is how much does a new boiler cost. …


11 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Quit

Take back control of your home and avoid maintaining these attitudes that go unnoticed daily. If it comes to maintaining the house organized, there aren’t many secrets. It’s hands-on. What we shouldn’t do is play against. See here everyday situations that affect house cleaning. It doesn’t matter if you live alone or with a lot …


Murano glass, a Venetian excellence

A sneak peek of the most famous Italian glass Murano glass creations have been used in the most prestigious homes for centuries for both decoration purposes and in the kitchen in the form of precious glasses and carafes. Murano is a little island from which such products take their name and it’s not far from …