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Buying a Portable Generator: Detailed Guide

A portable generator is a lifesaver during any unpredictable power outage or outdoor work that requires electric instruments. It provides you with electricity at least for several hours in a row. Before reading the descriptions of specific generators, like the Westinghouse igen4500 review, you have to find out which features are the most crucial for your specific situation.


Power is the first thing you have to check in a generator. There are multiple offers with a versatile amount of watts on the market. Basically, it depends on your needs. For example, your fridge runs on 700 watts or more. Powerful generators provide 4000 watts on average.


You have to decide which type of outlets you require. Small generators have 120V AC outlets. Some of them contain USB ports. Generators with the power of over 4000 watts usually have 240V plugs. If you want to have the wire attached to the panel, you may need a 240V outlet. Outside generators must be protected from any weather conditions.

Total Harmonic Distortion Requirement

The waveform must be carefully packed in case you will use any lab equipment or laptops connected to the portable generator. To avoid possible damage to your gadgets, you need to have less than 6 percent of THD. Clear power generators are usually more expensive, but they provide a stable voltage level. These generators can be more expensive, but safe for all devices.

Frequency of Use

No matter which generator you buy, there must be a warranty for it. On average, it covers up to 1 year. If you want to use the generator every day, make sure it is durable and has a legitimate commercial engine. Such generators usually have over a 1-year warranty. At the same time, they are more expensive than classic models.

Type of Fuel

The most popular generators are fueled with gas. However, there are other options for you. No matter which type you pick, you have to buy the fuel in advance and store it somewhere far from children. Use the stabilizer to avoid the ethanol effect. The most reliable option is to keep the fuel in a specific fuel container or tank. Diesel generators provide the most superior fuel efficiency and can easily provide electricity for the entire house. Nevertheless, diesel is not as popular as gasoline, and it is harder to find.

Propane is a great option too. It is more environmentally friendly. Keep in mind that conversion from gas to propane is challenging.

There is also a battery type. You can charge it with solar power. It works silently, without harmful emissions thrown into the air. Yet, these generators are the most expensive and slower to charge.

Starting Process

Electric start means more money to spend on the generator. If you are ok with the recoil cord pulling, you may save a fortune. You may also need lithium-ion batteries to run the engine. You have to charge them once they run out.

The Most Suitable Type

It is not always easy to find all the features you are looking for in one generator. You can decide which features are the most beneficial for you to shorten the list. Pay attention to the reviews before you buy anything.