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Brand-new Tips for Keeping Your Room Tidy

There are those who argue that having a tidy room is the same as having a tidy mind: no scattered papers, mismatched socks or unmade beds. In addition to not having any positive points from an aesthetic point of view, sleeping in a poorly clean and messy room is even harmful to your health.

Think carefully about your room: how long has it been since you washed your bed or aired your mattress? How many months have you been cleaning carpets or dusting furniture? It’s time to learn how to organize your space — and don’t despair: we’re here to give you some tips to help you sleep in a room worthy of an exhibition.

Clothes always tidy

Whenever you use a garment, place it in a laundry basket to wash, or fold and hang it as soon as you finish using it. It avoids the big problem of having used and mixed clothes, abandoned in the corners or on a chair.

Trash in the bedroom, no!

Avoid eating or having an organic waste bin in your room. It can attract bugs and microbes and always leave a trail of unwanted garbage;

Simplify the bed

Teddies, pillows and blankets: all out of bed! Have as few objects on the bed as possible. In addition to making the bed much more difficult in the morning, these soft toys and blankets attract dust and unwanted mites.

Today is general cleaning day!

Do a general cleaning at least once a month. Try sending away or donating the things that you are no longer going to use. They will make someone happy and give more space to really useful things.

Change the bed linen and air the mattress

Change your bed linen once a week and take the opportunity to check the condition of your mattress. Do not forget to turn it according to the seasons of the year or follow other maintenance advice that is described on the label. Turning and aerating the mattress will help eliminate unwanted mites and molds that can be the cause of allergies and respiratory ailments.

Make the bed every day!

Make your bed every day. After letting the sheets air out, this simple gesture guarantees a much more organized appearance to the room.

Create different spaces

Create space and areas to organize different objects. Papers and notebooks in a drawer, jewelry and accessories in a box.

A folding sommier works miracles!

A good folding sommier can help to save some space and make the most of your room’s storage. If you don’t have space to store extra bed linen, bath towels or beach towels, a folding sommier can be the perfect solution to your problem.

Wash and vacuum

Don’t forget to wash the floor or vacuum the rugs often. Mites and dust hide where we least expect and are always ready to attack us!After these tips to keep the room tidy, the most important thing is not to make this organization an isolated case.

To be efficient, housekeeping has to become a part of our routine, as important as brushing our teeth or getting a good night’s sleep. And don’t forget: a tidy room is synonymous with a tidy mind and a healthier nights sleep!