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Best Tips to Paint Like a PRO

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The painting should be done once in a while. This is not restricted to walls only; you can also get your cabinets repainted from time to time.

Painting is quite an entertaining thing if you’re a sport and can turn out beautifully without appointing any services given you follow this few guidelines:

1. Treat the surface firstly:

The first thing to be done is to fill all the holes, dents, cracks. Mend the unsmooth surfaces, level the areas. Adding to this, you must also scrape sand and patch the place to keep it painted. Be it walls or cabinets; this step is very important since you don’t want your painted surfaces to look uneven.

2. Get yourself the right instruments:

For a successful painting experience, you need to have the correct type of instruments. Some of them are as follows:

  • Extension Pole: Step ladders are very stressful and hazardous. Instead, it’s better to use an extension pole. Grids give a better experience and are fool-proof. They come in all sizes and materials. Ideally, the metallic ones are better than the plastic ones. You’ll just need to fit it along with your roller brush.
  • Paint Grid: Since using a paint tray makes the whole process to become clumsy and ugly, the grid system is primarily advised. Not only that, the application of the grid is far easier and obvious.
  • Others: Among the others, we have painter’s tape and not masking tapes, roller covers, good-quality brushes, high-quality paints, etc. Don’t choose below average instruments to cut the cost; it won’t work in the long run.

3. Prepare the primer:

You cannot skip this step. Without a primer, your painting cannot even begin. Applying primer not only helps in paint adhesion which in turn helps to keep off peel offs and blisters but also works to prevent stains from getting into the wall and allows a single-coat coverage of the paint.

It is advisable to mix in a little amount of the primary color with the primer so that it doesn’t stand out.

4. Choose better drop cloth:

Drop cloths are a must; after all, you don’t want to mess up the entire house with paint splatters. For appreciable results, it is better to choose canvas paints over plastic ones. The plastic ones may have a lower price, but canvas drop cloths are beneficial in a lot of manners.

It lays down flat preventing any falls. Apart from this, they are flexible and can be folded accordingly, which isn’t a thing with plastic drop cloths. They also take in paint drips and don’t make it slippery. Canvas drop cloths are very durable and do not get damaged easily, as well as offer amazing longevity.

5. Don’t forget boxing of paints:

Don’t forget that consistency matters, to work with the same consistency, get an average of the amount of paint needed rather than buying a single gallon every time. And then mix all the color in a large container so that the paint has the same density everywhere.

6. Always maintain a pattern:

It is essential to know which way the brushes must work. Always start the process from the top and descend gradually. Don’t try doing it the other way round for it will leave back paint marks.

Wrapping Up:

Usually people like choosing dry and sunny weather more than a damp day, doing away with light switch and outlet covers before painting, etc. These are the major ones to be kept in mind; there can always be much, that may be added to the list catering to personal demands.

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